Sunday, October 16, 2016

Missionary Update:

Anthony has had his first week in Argentina, at the MTC.

I received his email Thursday morning.  (Sorry it's taken me a few days to share.)  Thursdays will be his prep day while he is in the MTC.  Because of the time difference I will receive his email early in the morning, and will be emailing to him on Wednesdays to make sure he gets it before he sends to me.

He seems to be doing well.  I had a comforting feeling as I read his words and felt of his love for his family and for the Lord.

He is having some wonderful experiences that are helping his testimony grow.
On one occasion he was asked to write his testimony in Spanish.  He was not to memorize it, but write it in Spanish and then read it aloud.  This was a great opportunity for him - one he enjoyed and that made him more aware of what his testimony really is and how it affects him and others around him.

He loves the food :)
He loves the language :)
He loves everything about his experiences right now :)

I know the Lord is watching over him and will help him through every day of this mission.  I know Anthony will experience some trying moments along with the good, and I know that our Savior will be there with him, strengthening him through each and every moment.

And, as is true for all of us, Christ will carry us through the most difficult times in our lives, when we need Him most.  We just need to follow Him and allow Him to help us, even invite Him to help us.


So I'll share this (again) since it's been on my mind while writing this post. (skip the add)

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Missionary Send Off

This morning I sent our youngest son on a plane to serve a two year mission in the Argentina, Buenos Aires South mission.

I hate putting photos of myself out there, but here is one to commemorate the occasion.  With my son, Elder Anthony Keith Hebdon.

It is a sweet moment. It is something that Terry and I had been working toward and praying for and even expecting would happen, and now it has.

OK ... I know ... still a long two years to go ...  I am familiar with the way this works, and yes ...  that is the tricky part ... :) ...

but we are off to a good start of those two years.

Up Up and Away!

He arrived in Minneapolis and found iPads available for anyone to use, and he emailed me to let me know he had arrived - he had a four hour lay over, but was doing well.  That was a fun surprise.

Then, a few hours later,  a surprise on my phone - you can see the time (but I did remove the sent from number).

I'm sure it will be a long night, but I know that the Lord is very close.  This is a day of tender mercies!

Today, among all of my many blessings (which definitely include my family), I am feeling grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and for Their constant care, given thru the Holy Ghost.

Studying for seminary ...

Matthew 28:19-20

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Seminary Prep!

I have to admit that I'm feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities I have been given, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach seminary.   I look forward to the spiritual enlightenment that comes from studying the word of God. 

I never expected to feel this way, but I'm getting anxious to begin seminary, but I still have a lot of prep, so I'm not rushing it.

Along with preparing for seminary, I have been preparing for a talk I'll give in Sacrament Mtg.  
The Stake President asked that each seminary teacher speak in their ward this month.  I begin that tomorrow, in the Royal 1st Ward and 3rd Branch.  (The 1st ward teacher is out of town, so it's my privilege.)  We will also have our short kick off meeting with the students and their parents.  We start the 29th!!!!

Elder Packer referred to seminary as a "God Send" - I believe it.
I am grateful for all of the teachers and students who helped make seminary a “God Send” for me and my family.    

I had a fun moment with a mathematical equation.

I was adding up the years that my family has been blessed through seminary. 

9 children x 4 years of seminary 
+ Terry and I x 4 years 
+ Terry taught 2+ years  
+ I taught one.  
= 47+ years of seminary.  

+ my mother and father x 4 years  
+ father taught 2+ years  
+ Terry’s mother and father attended? x 4 (I'm guessing they attended) 
+ she taught 1 (or 2, 3, ?)  
= 67+ years of seminary.

I can continue ...

+ 6 of my siblings x 4 years (+ some have taught seminary)
+ 5 of Terry's siblings x 4 years (+ some have taught seminary)
+ 7 daughters in law x 4 years
= 139+ years of seminary. 

But acquiring spiritual knowledge isn’t just for seminary students and teachers; it is for every one of us.    So...

If I use those same people in my family, as if they had each studied the scriptures just once daily in a personal or a family setting since they were 1 year old, my numbers would change.

67+ becomes 675+ years of acquiring spiritual knowledge
139+ would be 845+.

It continues
+ my grandchildren 
+ my grandparents
+ Terry's grandparents
=  1480+ years of acquiring spiritual knowledge.  

Imagine what that number would be if I added all of our ancestors from their first missionary discussion to now.

All of these years of seeking and acquiring spiritual knowledge have blessed our lives, helped us make better choices, directed us in the proper path, prepared us for upcoming experiences, and brought us closer to Jesus Christ. 

This doesn't mean that no one has made mistakes or faltered, but it does mean we have the proper foundation to keep us steadfast and immovable if we continue on the right path.

Now, for your listening pleasure...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

There is Beauty All Around!

My mom and dad came to visit us the last week of July.  They had their van packed full of tools and wood and more, and their hearts filled with love.  They were anxious to begin the projects that needed to be done.  I knew they were coming and would be working on my windows - framing them in.

My dad measured the windows last time they were here.  He purchased the wood and cut it and painted it before he came.  Then put them up and touched them up.  Anthony caulked around almost every window. I helped paint the touch up on the walls, but that is the extent of my help.  (I'll be doing more of that soon.)

The window project wasn't the only thing he had on his agenda - he brought his weed eater and began to use it everywhere.  He trimmed the trees in the back and the one in the front.   The weather was hot and awful, but he was determined and was going to complete the work he set out to do.  He has always worked hard and accomplished good things and there is no stopping him now.  And my mother was beside him most every minute of the day - helping, taking him cold water, visiting, and just enjoying being together.  I love that about them.

My yard looks so clean!
It has been many years since one person has done so much on his own, in one week in my yard.  My dad is champion!

As I drove to my home after my seminary inservice meeting the day after they left, I felt so pleased and excited to see the clean yard and beautiful windows.

He was going to put up shutters, but my order arrived late and they were definitely not the quality I was hoping for.  I sent them back.  I'll decide later if I want to get another, better brand.  For now, it's lovely just the way it is.

The corner where he trimmed the trees looks so nice.  It really is delightful to see.  I didn't realize how discouraging it was to me until I now see it so clean.  I feel much "lighter" - seems like a strange way to describe it, but it's how I feel.  

It looks great everywhere!  Well, we do live on a farm, in a part of the country where weeds are plentiful, so we still have weeds around us, but the yard we live and play in looks great.

You'll see in the next two photos that there is some smoke rising to the south of our house.  That was last Saturday, 7:30 am.  No worries for our property, but I'm so sad for everything it destroyed where ever it was.   It just kept traveling eastward and up Saddle Mt along it's way. It seems that every summer for the past several summers, we've had fires around us to keep our air filled with smoke.  It is common now, but it wasn't always that way.  This is as close as it's ever been to us.  So much destruction taking place - wish we could control it.

No matter what else is going on around us, when I walk out on my deck, to the south, and then turn around, I see this corner that brightens my day.  The trimmed trees and shrubs, the weeded area around the border and fence.  This is the way I feel wherever I look in my yard.  There is beauty all around!

The phrase "a picture tells a thousand words" might fit here, but there is only one word that comes to mind - LOVE!  
Well maybe a few words.   MY DAD!  MY MOM!  TERRY!  HEAVENLY FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST!   GRATITUDE!  My heart is full!

I know my parents love me.  I am grateful for them and for their kindnesses to me and my children and grandchildren.  My children and grandchildren love them.  We enjoyed having them with us.

I am so grateful for Terry and for all that he did for us.  He was a good provider and father and husband.  I am grateful for this area that we homesteaded - he is here among the beauty.

I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and for my Savior.  I love Them, and I know They love me.  I could not endure without Them.  All that I have is because of Them.   "I feel my Savior's love, in all the world around me" - but especially in my little part of the world.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Excitement in the air!

We had some fun as our family gathered together a couple nights ago.  There was a special addition to our evening as we saw this plane overhead a few times.  It was a highlight of our evening as children squealed with delight when they heard him come and saw him arrive.  Every one of us enjoyed this neighbors occasional appearance in the air. 

I love the little things in our day-to-day life that bring smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts!  

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Family Reunion

The Ronald and Gelene Rodeback Reunion was held at Ensign Ranch this year (4-7 July 2016), and we had a wonderful time.  We missed several members of our family - We love them all!   

This is the family I grew up with - my parents and siblings (minus one brother that passed away years ago). We were all able to attend the first day.

This family has grown one (or two) at a time - from 2, when my parents were married in 1957, to 115 today.  

2 parents
8 children 
7 children married
39 grandchildren
18 grandchildren married
41 great grandchildren

(My parents can of course claim all 115 as their own, but each of my siblings can claim a portion of those people as our own, and I just realized as I was writing this that 32 of them are mine. I haven't counted my family in a while, so it was fun to realize it now.)

This next photo is our family group that was able to attend the first night - 64 out of 115.  I had an additional 7 attend the next day or two, but some other family members had to leave, so numbers in attendance remained quite similar throughout the week.  

This is the small group of my posterity that were able to attend the first night.

Here is the last night with my family, just before I came home (I got sick that last night so Anthony and I came home a little early).

Michael's family, Gregory's family, me/Elaine, Thomas' family, Anthony, and Connor's family.

We enjoyed being together and we enjoyed the beauties surrounding us.  There was fun, games, and activities for all.  My brother and his wife did a great job at planning this reunion.  It was a success!

Of course, we had our traditional candy toss that my dad always does.  This started many years ago (maybe 32-33 years ago) with peanut m&ms, tossed to just a few little ones.  
Due to a peanut allergy, a few years ago it was changed to Hi Chews, and this year it was an assortment of candy. 

Many things change through the years, but one things remains - that one thing is that WE ARE FAMILY!   I am so grateful for my family ..., every one of them!  I am grateful for opportunities to get together.

Something to consider!  Family<3:
found on Pinterest ... of course  ;)

Being a FAMILY means you are part of something VERY WONDERFUL.  
It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.

I am grateful for our Heavenly Family, for a loving Heavenly Father, and for Christ, our Brother / our Savior.  I am thankful for Their gospel and for the priesthood and temple ordinances that make our family eternal if we live worthy of those promised blessings. I am thankful for Their love, Their comfort, and Their guidance.
It is hard enough to live without a family member on earth - I am so grateful that this emptiness and sorrow won't last for eternity..., that  "the rest of your life" means the rest of our eternal lives ...


Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Call

Anthony Keith Hebdon

has been called to serve a full time/24 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission / Spanish Speaking.

He is to report to the Argentina MTC October 6, 2016.  This gives us a little time to get things ready before he embarks on this spiritual journey.

Anthony is the last of our 8 sons to be called to serve full time missions.   Terry counted himself as Elder Hebdon #1 ,making Gregory Elder Hebdon #2, etc. Continuing this way makes Anthony Elder Hebdon #9.

Terry - Spain Barcelona 1976-1978 Spanish Speaking
Gregory - Guatemala, Guatemala City South 2001-2003 Spanish Speaking (FYI - His first call was to Peru Chiclyo, but while in the Provo MTC received a second call because Peru was no longer issuing Visa's.)
Brandon - California San Diego 2003-2005 English Speaking
Thomas - Brazil Florianopolis 2004-2006 Portuguese Speaking
Skyler - Argentina Salta 2007-2009 Spanish Speaking
Michael - Japan Fukuoka 2009-2011 Japanese Speaking
Chase - Young Performing Mission in the Nauvoo Brass Band (trumpet) May 2011-August 2011, and 

Nevada Reno Mission June 2012-2014 English Speaking
Connor - Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission 2013-2015 English Speaking

Anthony - Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission 2016-2018 Spanish Speaking

Friday, June 10, 2016


Our first child started kindergarten in 1987 in the OLD Red Rock building (with the caterpillar on the wall).  Our last child started kindergarten in 2003 in the new Red Rock building.  Things have certainly changed over the 29 years that we have had children in the Royal School District.  Our children have had some great teachers and principals.

Thank you to all who helped teach and instruct and encourage our children to learn and grow and progress through this life.  "It takes a village..."  or a community like ours.  THANK YOU!

Our final graduation - the finale
Anthony Keith Hebdon

It started with the National Anthem that Anthony participated in.

It was a nice ceremony, and then they walked the walk to receive their diplomas.

The sun was shining brightly, but it wasn't too miserable.  Maybe it felt normal or welcome to me because it was matching the feeling of my heart.

We had a nice weekend with a few members of our family visiting and enjoying each others company.

There was a lot of helping going on.  Mostly them helping me.  As has been the case for so many occasions throughout my life I have been the recipient of thoughtful service and kind deeds.  I thank you all for those tender moments that have touched and filled my heart ..., our hearts.

I'm not going to mention all of the things that took place this weekend, but I will show one thing that remains to brighten my day - a new top for my bird bath.  The old was cracked and broken.  The new is beautiful and ready to take on the sun and the wind and even the rain we had last night.  My parents gave this bird bath to us several years ago and we have loved it.  It has always been one of my favorite things in my yard.

Now, back to the graduate ...
Anthony is out of school and helping on the farm.
He has sent in his mission papers and hopes to receive his call in a couple weeks.
Where will he be heading next?  We will let you know when we find out.  There are some places that sound exciting and adventure filled, but we know that there is much more to a mission than that, so we will remember this - "I'll go where you want me to go!"

Today is an adventure in itself, as he is heading in to get his wisdom teeth removed.  Yip, number nine for that too.