Thursday, July 31, 2008

BJo's first girls camp, July 2008

Here she is...

The slip and slide is the greatest!

BrittanyJo is in the white sweatshirt at left.

She really enjoyed girls camp and looks forward to more.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Moving on up!

Gregory and Adena have moved to Sandy, Utah. We are so happy to have them a little closer now. We will be able to see them a little more often, or at least with a little more ease and less travel time. Their blog shares more about this event - click on it at the right to view it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

An engagement announcement!

Congratulations to Thomas and Dana. They are officially engaged, and the ring is awesome, but surely Thomas would agree that the gal wearing it is even better.

Dana is the daughter of Wayne and Robyn Allred, a family we've known and loved for many years. They used to live here in Royal, but moved when Dana was about 3 years old - so she's changed just a little :).
She came to Royal a few weeks ago to work and earn some money for college and was living with her Aunt JoLyn and Uncle Rick Farrer, and Wiley, her cousin. Thomas was assigned by the bishop to be the designated driver or organizer of getting the young adults of our ward to the Moses Lake young adult ward meetings /activities. I guess it only took one trip together for Thomas to know that Dana was someone rather special, and she must have felt some similar feelings for Thomas, because this relationship took off like a wild fire. Wedding plans were being discussed before we even knew it.
A couple weeks ago, Dana headed home (Utah) for her brothers wedding. While she was there Thomas went to visit her and re-meet her family, and also to attend a mission reunion. It was while they were together that Sunday that their engagement became official. The date is set for November 5th, at the Columbia River Temple.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Royal City Community Days 2008

Anthony is riding with the scouts. He is on the other side of the pickup so we see him from behind. He is turned to the side though. He is in a khaki shirt just behind the cab. You see him just above the letter C in Pack. (too bad we weren't on the other side for this parade.)

Chase is in this photo with the HS band. He is almost center photo, with his trumpet.

Connor is here walking with the middle school band. He too is about center photo and with his sax.

I wish I would have gotten a photo of our special weekend guest. We had a nice visit from Katelyn, our niece. She was somewhat intrigued by our parade. Royal doesn't have many floats in it's parade, but does have tractors, choppers, hay trucks, dancing horses, lots of candy thrown to the viewers, and even bouncy balls this year that were so fun to see tossed and bouncing. We also had an orchard fertilizer sprayer spraying water on the viewers - that was a clever entry. Another fun entry was the dairy association passing out cold chocolate milk to the viewers. It's definitely not a big parade, nor a big city parade, but it is our parade and we do support it.