Thursday, October 28, 2010

Terry is doing even better today!
We hope it keeps going this way!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Might Like To Know

Terry is feeling some better today. He is able to eat and get up and around better. Not all of the problems are gone, of course, but they seem more manageable or less constant. Hopefully he's on the mend and doesn't have a turn for the worse.

Chicken noodle soup is getting kinda old! :) We are still glad we have it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today is worse than crummy!
Terry had a terrible night and day so far.
Up to the bathroom all night and then finally vomited this afternoon. When he got done making a mess of things (throwing up) he said something like, "good, now maybe I can feel better!" I hope so too, because it made me sick trying to clean it up. :) The things we do for love! I'm over it, so long as it doesn't happen again real soon. :)
The doctors think that his diarrhea and nausea is due to the GVHD, so they prescribed some new meds for him. I had to run to ML to get them. I didn't want to leave Terry alone, so Chase stayed here with him. It was one of the fastest trips to town I've ever made. Luckily, Terry was okay while I was gone.
Funny thing though - how is he going to take these meds when he can't eat or drink anything without feeling icky? When he throws up after taking meds, does he have to take them again? Too bad these meds don't all come in a syringe that I can eject into his Hickman line. Of course, that makes him feel strange too!
Better days ahead!?*@!^:? Who knows when! Hopefully soon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Medical Report

Today's visit was interesting.
The first thing we learned was that Terry was going straight to the chemo chair for his blood draw and then for fluids. I suppose letting him go last week knowing his WBC and Neutrophils were critical had them on high alert this week. So when he mentioned that he wasn't feeling really terrific they were buzzing around and getting things done. He had at least 1 1/2 liters of fluid today, and another small IV bag of meds to help the nausea. So we felt like we were doing chemo again. Not really, but it was odd.
We got the lab results back and found that his critical counts have improved. They are now in the low zone instead of critical. Critical is not a good place to be for any reason, so that's good news, even if they are not in the normal zone.
Other counts are concerning because they are so high. They have to do with the liver and doctors are wondering if it might be due to some GVHD. I guess we are playing the waiting game again ... or still, to know what to do there.
He still felt crummy today. It is sometimes hard to describe how one feels, and to know why one feels like they do. He didn't do much at all today because he had no energy to do it with and he does still have some nausea. So much for medicine to help that problem.
He hasn't had muscle cramps much this week. He has noticed that the muscle cramps happen more when he works more, and because he was so critically low this last week he couldn't do as much as he would have normally, therefore, no cramps.
Normal is a strange word anymore! Just thought I'd mention that.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Happy Birthday Bryan!
We love you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

"What makes us special is the signature of God in our lives" - Max Lucado

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love"
- Goethe

"Since 'God is love' the closer we approach Him, the more profoundly we experience love."
- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Medical Report!

Today is T-180, and we just got back from our second appointment in Moses Lake. Things are going well except for the blood counts. I know - that is a big part of things! Terry is feeling more fatigued and we've seen on paper today a part of why that might be.
His WBC and Neutrophils are critically low, at 1.5 and .3, which means stay out of public places, wash and peel (as applicable) everything you eat, everyone stay as clean and healthy as possible, etc.
There is good news. Terry is taking fewer meds, and can even cut back on the minerals, like magnesium and calcium he has had to take. Fewer is always better, especially since there is such a handful every morning and evening, and even a few in the afternoon. None of them however, will help with his white blood counts.
We always get anxious for the next weeks reports, even right after having this weeks. Silly huh!
Well, I'm going to get up and clean something ... anything! Just trying to do some good! :)
Have a great day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Happy Birthday to Darryl!
We love you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Appointment Report!

We had our first visit to Dr. Julie Smith since our return home. It was a pleasant reunion, almost a welcome home type experience. Our "old friends" were there to greet us and help us thru our visit. We also met a new friend and found her to be a delightful addition to the staff.

We didn't really learn much. That's not too unusual though. We had blood work after the visit so we didn't get to discuss it, but they faxed us the results. Next week we'll have the lab work done before the visit so we can talk about it.

Terry's white blood counts are low. That makes me a bit nervous. His reds are low too, but we are hoping that changes now that he has been off the Valganciclovir for a couple days. Platelets are still low, glucose is high, creatinine is low.... We are anxious to see how the numbers might change in the next couple weeks of follow up lab work.

It's good to be back!


Happy Birthday to Mary Ann!
We love you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Saturday!

The kids and I spent a few hours pulling nightshade out of the bean field yesterday. It was a bit tricky because we are a little late at getting it done and they are drying out, which makes them not as easy to see or pull out of the rows.

When we got done we went to Wenatchee for dinner and shopping. It was a fun few hours there too. We had a car full of products from Costco and the kids helped bring them into the house and put them all away before going to bed. It was good to have it all in it's proper place.

My body was sore by the time I went to bed, but my spirits were high. I really felt good.

Everyone was cheerful and the day was really a good one, even with difficulties and hardships. Thinking back on what made this day so good made me realize that I have had very few like it the last several months. I haven't spent so much time with the kids for a long time and most everything I did was a service the whole day long.

I love being in situations where we can talk together and enjoy each others company. During our weeding we talked about (among other things) the "stupid cow" story Mervyn B. Arnold shared during conference. We could really relate to it and we loved it's message. The fence was there to protect the cow and keep her away from dangers, but she kept reaching over until she had foolishly broken thru the fence and was on the other side. She kept eating the wheat until she bloated and died. Like this cow, we too have a fence set up for our own good. We have commandments and rules to protect us and keep us from dangers. They are protective, not restrictive. Contrary to popular demand, the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence!

All of the talks during conference were great. Many talked of making wise decisions and many talked of seeking the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Certainly these things can save us from the dangers around us and the evils that tempt us so that we can be safe and protected. We don't want to be like the stupid cow!

Speaking of rules - (Elder Arnold did refer to his parents rules)- Larry R Lawrence spoke of courageous parenting. He said, "What the world really needs is courageous parenting from mothers and fathers who are not afraid to speak up and take a stand." He also said, "There are no perfect parents and no easy answers, but there are principles of truth that we can rely on."

Both of these talks were inspiring. But there were many others that were just as inspiring. I just thought of these because of our experience yesterday, talking about the stupid cow. I look forward to other such experiences with my children and hope to be a good parent, even though I am far from being a perfect parent. I am grateful for the principles of truth that are here for us.

I just wanted to say hello today, and look what it turned into!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The End!

Today was our last day at SCCA. We had our summary visit as planned and said our thank yous and good-byes. It was a strange feeling to walk out of the clinic not expecting to return until we go back for our yearly check up. Unless something comes up that we are now unaware of we plan to spend more time with our local oncologist, Dr. Julie Smith.
We received a bundle of info to take to her and have been informed of the things that we need to make sure get done, especially in the way of blood work. We know that we will be in good hands. We like our oncologist and look forward to seeing her again. The nurse we have worked with most in ML has already sent us a hand written letter to let us know that she looks forward to our return, offered her help in any way, and wished us well. We haven't received many of those, if any, and it touched our hearts. We get kinda connected to these people and they hold a special place in our hearts. After all, where would we be without them?!
Terry still has his Hickman line. He is tapering off some meds, will stop another this weekend, and we will be watching for GVHD symptoms. The medicine he stops taking Friday should help his blood counts to rise again, which should give him some more energy and fewer headaches. They will leave the line in for awhile until they are assured that he is stable.

We do get to leave SCCA's constant care, but they are still quite connected. They will work closely with our doctor and we will personally send some blood samples to them weekly. We have a number to call them if we need them and doctors will continue to "talk about us" for quite some time.

We have to be careful. He is released from the clinic, but not given permission to get right back into life as he knew it before. I promise to try to keep him away from the work and the dirt, but try is far from actually doing. This may actually prove to him that I do not always get what I want or what I ask for :).

Here's hoping and praying that we don't do anything that sets us back!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference Weekend

This has been a great weekend, filled with many wonderful and inspiring messages. We were truly uplifted.
I don't want to re-write the messages so I'm not going to list my favorite stories or thoughts, though there are many, but I'll just add one quote from Elder Richard G Scott's message:

"We become what we want to be by constantly being what we want to become."

Now I look forward to the printed form when it comes out in the Ensign next month so I can read and mark it up, and remind myself of the ways I need to improve.