Sunday, June 30, 2013

Missionary Addresses

Here is Elder Connor Hebdon's new mailing address for any and all who wish to write him:
Elder Connor Hebdon
16 York Avenue, Apt #2
Towanda, PA  18848
and just to keep things fair - here is Elder Chase Hebdon's again too:
Elder Chase Hebdon
118 Pebble Drive
Dayton, NV  89403
They would love to hear from you!

Pot of Gold

On the way to our house Saturday evening Thomas found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and shared it with us.
Did you notice both rainbows?
I am so grateful for our pot of gold/home and the safety and security it provides.  The rains came down fast and hard for awhile and we were dry and comfortable inside. 
We share some good times inside this home.  LOVE IT!
We are blessed!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SCCA Visit Report

Our visit to SCCA yesterday was what we had hoped for. 
The doctor had studied Terry's case and was well aware of the history and the course that we should take. 
Keep in mind that MDS is the target for this second transplant that Terry is preparing for, but the transplant should also help with the SLL/CLL.
(For more about MDS check this site)
It is also important to know that two transplants are all a person can have, so this is it whether it helps or not, so among all of our concerns, we were questioning the success rate and trying to determine if now is the correct time for this, his last transplant option.
Dr. Hansen was informative and seemed concerned with Terry's health.  He had the answers to all of our questions and helped us understand a few things better.  Our understanding is still limited, but we are more sure of the course of action.

Here are a few things I noted while talking to the doctor
that help us make our decision:
"MDS eventually becomes acute leukemia and does not respond to chemotherapy." 
"Cytogenetics is the troubling thing and this disease will progress to a point not treatable." 
"Transplant is the only cure for this disorder."

The strange thing is that the success rate for this particular transplant is only about 50-60%, because it is a second transplant. 
  That doesn't sound so enticing, but because of the problems that will arise without it, the second transplant is the only way to go. 
And, "if not successful there will be other things that can be done after transplant."

Doctor Hansen would like the transplant to begin ASAP, but even beginning the paperwork now would take more than a month before the actual transplant took place, which would mean August sometime. 
However - Terry would like to wait (if it wouldn't cause more problems) until October so he could be here to help complete this farming season. 
We have scheduled another bone marrow biopsy on Monday and after the tests are read the doctor will contact us to let us know what his thoughts are about waiting.  If the results are similar to the last biopsy done in March we will most likely wait, but if they have rapidly progressed we will begin the process right away.
We'll let you know when we find out more news. 
Terry's first transplant was non-myeloablative - also referred to as a "mini-transplant".
(for more info about non-myeloablative transplants check this site.)
 Terry's second transplant will be myeloablative.
(for more info about types of stem cell transplants check this site.)

image from google search

Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Missionary Sons

Chase has a new companion ... Elder King ... from Alabama. Chase's first impressions of his new comp is that he is excited about missionary work and is a very respectful person and has a sense of humor.  He is also 6'8" ... makes Chase look short ... Funny huh!

They met a lady that seems to be struggling right now with cancer/leukemia and is in need of love and encouragement. Chase is trying to think of ways to help her and show love to her, so he asked BrittanyJo if she could make some covers for the lady because she has a Hickman Line (like Terry has).  We sent some line covers/envelopes to Chase to give to this lady and he has reported that "she absolutely loves them". (BJo has a few hundred already made for us to take to SCCA.)

Chase met a Brother (Carl) Grimmer at a ward meeting a couple weeks ago.  Small world! 
Connor was able to baptize two people a couple weeks ago and is so grateful for that "major highlight" of his mission.  He and his comp "opened"  Titusville (first missionaries in the area) and Connor feels so blessed to help bring these two people unto Christ. Others were on their way to baptism, but Connor won't be there with them. 
He is moving on now ... he was transferred to Towanda. Only there about a week and has learned that there are a few people in Towanda that have lived in WA State or know someone who does.  One is a Brother Mayo who knows Brother Brown who "watched the Hebdon kids grow up". We know Brother Brown :) (Hi Brother Brown!) 
Small world indeed!

Though he misses the special people in Titusville, Connor is happy to be where he is and says his companion, Elder Woodruff, is a great comp.

Sorry no photo of Connor, just his comp.


We just got an email from Pennsylvania ... the missionary couple there, Elder and Sister Jackson, sent us an email telling us that they love our son and giving us a blog address.  I checked it out and found this photo.


I love it!
Her blog address, just in case you would like to check it out too, is
(or click here)


Friday, June 21, 2013

Personal Scripture Study and Prayer

"How can I expect the Lord to help me when I don't help myself?"
This was a thought I had Tuesday morning when I realized that I had gone directly to preparing for the RS luncheon when I woke up, rather than to my normal routine of personal scripture study and prayer. 
I was beginning to feel behind schedule and was silently praying for help from above to accomplish what was needed that morning. Then that thought came to me -
"How can I expect the Lord to help me when I don't help myself?" 
I should have already had my spiritual feast for the day, but passed it up. I wasn't doing something bad, I just wasn't doing it in the proper order, with the proper personal preparation. 
I was trying hard to complete the task at hand and even thought for one quick moment that I was doing something good and then heading to the temple, so maybe I could skip it that day. Then it hit me - clear and to the point. This is a most perfect day for personal scripture and prayer - and nothing should ever take it's place; any day.  Not only that, but I really should prepare myself spiritually for a day at the temple. 
I stopped what I was doing and headed for my quite area for scripture and prayer. 
This morning I read Elder L. Tom Perry's message from 2013 April Conference titled Obedience to Law is Liberty, and find it to be perfect for this upcoming holiday, and to testify to the fact that personal scripture and prayer are a perfect beginning to every day ..., for every person.  It will help keep us on the right track.

This message was first posted HERE

Thursday, June 20, 2013

RS Lunch

Maybe you noticed the clutter in the background of the Father's Day photo on the previous post - well, that is because I was preparing for the RS luncheon and had things set out to make sure I had what I needed and that it all fit like it needed.  I was gone enough for a few days, that I decided leaving it up wouldn't be in the way much, so there it is for all to see.  My bad!
That luncheon is over now, and I have spent the last couple days trying to clean up after the clutter.  I should have the last of things put away today if we get home in time to take care of it. (life is kinda busy right now)
I thought I'd share a photo of the table and food for the RS luncheon.
Here it is -

We were going to eat out in the pavilion, but it was rainy and breezy and cold, so we went inside the church building and borrowed the primary room.
The surroundings were a bit different, but it was warm and cozy, allowing us to stay and enjoy each other's company a little more than if we were out in the chilly weather. 
It seemed to be a great way to spend time after a visit to the temple.  We have wonderful women in our ward and it was a great way to spend time together - in the temple and then at an indoor picnic.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Report

 We had a wonderful Father's Day, and hope you did too!

I have a really hard time with photo shots of sitting around the table. It seems that someone is always caught in a position they would rather not be in.  I tried it anyway.
(But it looks like Akleigh got down too soon, or I took the photo too late - she's MIA in this shot.)

This photo at the table turned out sweet (well, except it could have had better focus) - Akleigh loves Elsie and after dinner was sharing her blanket with her sweet cousin.  (Maybe that is where Akleigh was during the last shot - finding her blanket to share with Elsie.)  Elsie loves it when Akleigh plays with her.  It's going to be fun to see how these cousins interact as they get older.  I know I'm gonna love it when all the cousins get together!  Happy Days!

BrittanyJo took a few photos of the table before we sat down to eat.

 It was a great day, but then, when we are celebrating Fathers it can't help but be a great day.
I have a wonderful father, Terry has a wonderful father, and our children have a wonderful father - so ..., a wonderful Father's Day just had to happen!  and did!
Father's Day Bonus Photos:
Gregory and Terry - April 1982
Gregory, Brandon, Terry - July 1993
Terry, Thomas, Gregory, Brandon - Oct 1986
Brandon, Skyler, Thomas, Michael, Chase, Terry - August 1993
Terry and Michael - December 1992
Terry and Anthony - June 2003
Terry and Connor - April 2003
Michael, Chase, Terry - August 1994
 The daddy days are over - it's only dad now!
Lovin' the seasons!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Medical Report

Terry had an appointment last week with the oncologist - regular check up and no new news.
Does anyone really watch these counts?  I guess I'll give them because I have them.
WBC = 2.9(L)  Norm is 4.5-11.0
RBC = 3.93(L) Norm is 4.5-5.9
HCT = 35.8(L) Norm is 41.0-53.0
Platelet = 30(L) Norm is 150-400
Ab Neutrophils = 0.8 (L) Norm is 1.8-7.8

Terry has received word from SCCA that they have found a donor / match for his transplant.  (We have known this for awhile, but have been putting it off.)  They are ready to put him on their schedule ..., but ..., he is not ready to go.  We have agreed to a consultation on the 25th and will decide for sure what to do after that meeting.

Terry would like to wait until harvest is over before going in for this transplant. If it doesn't jeopardize the transplant success rate at all, that is probably what he will choose.  I am just going along with his decision - whatever he says ... goes!  When we try to decide what the best time will be we can always come up with some great reasons why we shouldn't do it at any given time, so for me, I will just do what he wants, because so matter when he wants, it's going to be tricky for our family ..., again!

Did you know ... ?

SCCA - when we refer to it - is Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


SCCA is also  Sports Car Club of America

Terry would probably much rather go there.  ;)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hay Days

 Our hay harvest began as soon as it could after the rains stopped. 

The men wanted a couple more balers in the field, so they started thinking of who could help them.  The help was right here in the family, but I wasn't one of the volunteers - I just don't do well staying up all night and wasn't too excited about the whole idea at this age.   But I wasn't useless - I helped out, just in a different way.
Of Course Terry, Thomas, and Michael were each on balers.  New to the crew this year was Dana, who baled every night with the guys.  I kept the grandkids here so she could go bale.
One night I added another grandchild to the party so Tawnee could go bale. 
I know ..., I had the easiest job and the most fun!
Anthony helped bale two nights and BrittanyJo baled one night.  (It's a little harder when you have to get up for school the next day.  Sometimes you don't get up, you just come in from the field and get ready for school.)
This was the first year for the girls.  Now that they all have learned how to bale, we have extra people.  That's a good thing.
Here is the fun part - grandchildren at the house.
Auger and Akleigh spent a lot of time with us while Dana was helping throughout parts of the day and being here other parts of the day, and we had everyone here for most of the meals.  We had a great week.
We had a lot of toys being used and enjoyed, like this train Auger is playing with.

Babies received love from Akleigh.
 I did the cooking, and the cleaning, except for one day when Dana and BrittanyJo had some time in the kitchen making pizza and desserts.   We were a farm family at it's best, working, eating, playing, and sleeping in the same house.  (Except the baler work wasn't in the house of course.)  There were several meals where we would have 11 people around our dining table again.  It's a fun thing!

One morning while everyone was trying to catch up on some much needed sleep, the two kids and I made some cowboy cookies.  We had a lot of fun.  When their mommy asked them what they wanted for breakfast they told her they already had it - cookie dough and cookies.  Um!  Isn't that what gramma's are for?   I tried to give them cereal, but they were not interested.  Akleigh did have a piece of bread!  Oatmeal for breakfast isn't bad right?  There is oatmeal in cowboy cookies. ;)

I love having the grandkids around, and enjoy seeing their advancements.  Elsie is scooting around and loving life.  She is a happy and pleasant little gal.  We love her, and Akleigh wants to be with her all the time when we are together.
Oh, the hay got baled and the kids returned to their own homes ...,  and ..., yip, at times I feel like I'm going thru withdrawals. 
Funny thing -  I have been quite tired even though I didn't bale.  I did stay up later than normal, and I never sleep well when Terry is gone, and I feel like I was up all night with them.    I am always tired when the guys bale.   I can only imagine how tired they are, because they were the ones working.  Silly thing huh!  I'm tired because they baled! 

Must be Sympathy Pains!
Oh Bother!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trip to Brayden's Baptism

We made a quick trip to Blythe California last weekend for our oldest grandchild's baptism.
It was such a special occasion. 
We might be a bit prejudice, but we sure love this family and think they are pretty special.
Adena, Ethan, Tawny, Brayden, Gregory and Madeline
While we were there we visited and played and enjoyed being together.

We also celebrated a birthday - Maddie's birthday is on the 22nd, and they waited to celebrate it while we were there.  She is such a cute little gal.


 The trip was short and sweet and special. 
The baptism was wonderful.
I'll have to post a pic of the baptism day after I borrow from Adena.  I was too concerned with making sure I had my talk with me, and didn't get the camera to that event.  My Bad!
Photos will be coming!