Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doctor Visit

Today's visit with the oncologist was like most all of the others, but he did get more blood drawn to send to SCCA for a chimerisms test. We are anxious for the results, but won't know for several days.
Lab Results:
WBC = 2.0(L)
RBC = 3.49(L)
Platelet = 58(L)
No medicine changes or shots due to the blood counts, but Terry has had a cough for several weeks now, and 2 different sets of meds to help cure it, but neither doing the job. Therefore, today he got a 3rd prescription. He's feeling a bit run down, so hopefully this medicine can do the trick and get rid of this illness so that he can feel better.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Nauvoo Missionary

Chase is having the best time ever - he would love to do this for a life time. They had their first performance this week.
As far as the flooding - nothing happening on their side of the river, but they have seen the storms taking place on the other side and have been told where to go if the need arises. We just keep praying them safe...
These photos are complements of the parents of Elder Loveless. Thanks so very much! We love photos!

Chase is the band member (in red) at the far right in this bottom photo. Just behind the driver. (Is that what you call them? driver?)
So many things to remind us of the good things in life - family, friends, music, photography, internet, our senses, love ...
Life is Good!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday to BrittanyJo!

When you blow candles out on a cake dusted with powdered sugar the sugar goes flying! Ya, we should have known, but just weren't prepared for that. Surprise!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Linda!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


"A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that holds it."

"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials."

- Chinese Proverbs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awesome Email

We received another wonderful email from the Murset's (leaders of the Nauvoo Brass Band). It included this photo and message:
You may wish to click on the song "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" (#30) in the music box above, while you read this post.

"We could not help ourselves and had to send the attached picture of your missionaries at the Carthage Jail. They have been doing such a good job of learning their parts and music we were able to get permission to tour the Jail. We went before it opened on Sunday and had our own special tour, by the site missionaries.

The highlight was being able to sing in the Martyrdom Room. Because of the size of the group we split up as Band and Stage Missionaries. The Stage Missionaries sang one of the songs from High Hopes and River Boats call Brothers. It is the song sung when it is found out the Prophet Joseph and Hyrum are killed. It is a beautiful song and there was not a dry eye in the room. The Band Missionaries sang Praise to the Man and again there was not a dry eye.

We then met in the Visitors Center (it was cold and blustery outside) and had a short Spirit filled testimony meeting, a kneeling word of prayer and then sang A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. Needless to say this day was a Spiritual feast."

Brother and Sister Murset closed their email with a request ... MAIL!!! So, just in case you might like to write, here is the mailing address for letters -

YPM Elder Chase Hebdon
PO Box 215
Nauvoo, IL 62354

(Packages go to a different address, so if you want that you can call or email me.)

It is so wonderful that with all of the work the Murset's have to do, they are taking time to share with us. I hope these photos and emails keep coming - we are loving them!

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's doctor visit

Terry's appointment today seemed to take us all afternoon, but it's over and we finally got home after running around taking care of several things on our TO DO list.

The antibiotic that Terry got from his last appointment helped for awhile, but he got some new stuff today to help him get over this bacterial infection - probably bronchitis, but today it was never really given a name, that is just what it usually is for him. We hope that it goes away for good this time.

WBC = 1.7 (L)
RBC = 3.64 (L)
Platelets = 76 (L)
Neutrophils = 0.4 (Critical) - therefore he got a Neupogen shot again today.
Glucose = 85
ALT and AST are maintaining in the high area they have been in for a long time. We will continue to watch them, but for now it's just one of those things!

No appointment next week - Dr is really wanting to let us have a break and not come every week. Since the Neupoen shot lasts 2 to 3 weeks we should be okay without an appointment. So don't be alarmed if there is no medical madness report until the 31st - just consider no news as good news!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mission News

Maybe Sunday is when Chase will write??? He did email today and it sounds like he is having some great experiences. One thing we talk about as we study the gospel is how we should liken the scriptures unto ourselves so that we can understand them and apply them in our lives to help us learn better. Chase shared some things in his email that lead us to believe that he has had a "liken" experience this very day.

"...today we went to Carthage Jail, and i realized i am as tall as Hyrum was, and so i stood at the door were Hyrum stood while the mob came and shot him, it was a really amazing experience to show some of the band members how Hyrum would have had to stand in order to be shot in the face because the shot was only about a foot above the door knob and a little further into the door, i stood were Joseph fell and were he landed, i stood by were John Taylor was shot and hid behind under the bed, i stood in the dungeon were they were imprisoned, i walked the path he and the other men walked before their deaths, it was a really awesome and amazing experience, full of emotion and the spirit...."

Among his other news, (you'll have to read between the lines, understanding that each of these bits of news helped to build his character and strengthen his testimony): they went to the Nauvoo temple and had some great experiences there doing baptisms, one Elder in the band had some health issues and ended up in the hospital for a few hours (and all is well now), he has received a couple letters that he really appreciates - thank you Marnie and Evan!!!! (I may not always know who writes to him, so I will not always be able to thank each one individually, so I thank you all now for helping Chase feel loved and cared for in whatever way you choose.)

We have received emails from a couple of the YPM parents and feel blessed to have such a connection - the opportunities that living the gospel brings are endless, as are the tender mercies that the Lord sends to us all to help strengthen and encourage us. Our Heavenly Father does love us - and we love Him! Sweet is the peace the gospel brings!

Historic Nauvoo - Official Web Site

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday must be P-day!

We received our first email from Chase today! That might mean they will always be on Wednesday?!?!?!?
He has received his companion...two actually...he's in a threesome...Elder Loveless and Elder King. In the photo below, Elder Loveless is on his right in the same row and Elder King is the blondish one second from the left on the second row. He is pleased with both.
It sounds like he is enjoying getting to know everyone...and he says life there is fun...hot...fun...and hot.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Call

We received a Mother's Day Call from Elder Chase Hebdon ... it was short since he was only given 10 minutes, but it was so nice to hear from him.
- His flights went pretty good.
- He had his interview with President Ludwig Saturday and would be learning who his companion is sometime today.
- There are 5 band YPM Elders that live in one home together and 12 sister YPM band members that have another home. (The other performers live in other homes.)
- He has his badge/name tag, and is wearing it with great pleasure.
- He is anxious to get his 2 year mission call and looks forward to that service opportunity.
- He recognizes that most of the band members are quite good with their instruments, but he is up for the challenge and plans to practice hard.
- They will practice strong and hard for the first three weeks and then the "shows" will begin.
- We'll probably get an email from him on "Sunday or his p-day" (we don't know when p-day is for him, so we are back to square one ... meaning sometime this week) ;)
- He sounded happy and excited about this adventure.

A bit of trivia -
We were wondering how many years we have received missionary calls on Mother's Day. So I checked my records and found this:
- Our first missionary call was for Christmas 2001, the second was for Mother's Day 2002.
- We had someone serving a mission (and calling home) every Christmas, except the year 2006 when Thomas came home a few days before Christmas that year. Making 9 calls for Christmas, out of the last 10 years.
- Mother's Day calls came every year since 2002, except in 2007 when we had a few months between Thomas and Skyler's missions. But, in 2005 we received calls from 2 missionaries since Brandon and Thomas were out at the same time that year. So we received 10 Mother's Day calls in the last 10 years, but only 9 of those years.
- Since our first missionary left (August 2001) we have had at least one missionary out except for a total of 9 1/2 months between some of those missions.
- Chase is missionary #6 of our children, but we often refer to the count with Terry as number one, making Chase Elder Hebdon #7.

I am so grateful for the peace that comes to us as we send our sons out in the world to serve the Lord. I'm not sure how we will feel when we are out of sons to send...

Happy Mother's Day!

One cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God. Why? Because these two sacred persons, God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one.”
Thomas S. Monson, “Behold Thy Mother,” April 1998 Ensign

A few inspiring verses from President Gordon B. Hinckley:

"Woman is God's supreme creation. Only after the earth had been formed, after the day had been separated from the night, after the waters had been divided from the land, after vegetation and animal life had been created, and after man had been placed on the earth, was woman created; and only then was the work pronounced complete and good."

"My dear sisters, you marvelous women who have chosen the better part, I stand in great admiration for all that you do. I see your hands in everything.... Many of you are mothers, and that is enough to occupy one's full time. You are companions - the very best friends your husbands have or ever will have...."

"You are creatures of divinity; you are daughters of the Almighty. Limitless is your potential. Magnificent is your future."

"You have the potential to become anything to which you set your mind. You have a mind and a body and a spirit. With these three working together, you can walk the high road that leads to achievement and happiness. But this will require effort and sacrifice and faith." I think of the Family Proclamation as I read this.

"Now, my dear sisters.... You are His divine creation. Men hold the priesthood. Yours is a different role, but also extremely important. Without you, our Father's plan of happiness would be frustrated and have no real meaning. You are fifty percent of the membership of the Church and mothers of the other fifty percent. No one can dismiss you lightly."

"God bless you, dear friends. Do not trade your birthright as a mother for some bauble of passing value. Let your first interest be in your home. The baby you hold in your arms will grow quickly as the sunrise and the sunset of the rushing days."

This one is by Marjorie Pay Hinckley, and gives me hope:
"There is no such thing as the perfect mother.... We just do the best we can with the help of the Lord, and who knows, these children who are struggling to be free may someday rise up and call us blessed."

I know many women who make better and more beautiful the world around them, not only because of their physical beauty, but because of their inner beauty and their goodness. Thank you to all who add that special touch... to those who know and understand their Divine Nature and Individual Worth, those filled with Integrity, who are Virtuous and Lovely, those who choose the better part and serve with all their heart and strength, to those who walk by Faith.

Thank you to my mother, and to Terry's mother! You are exemplary women. We love you!
Thank you to all the women in my life for your example and your kindness!

Now to my children - Thank you! I am so happy to be your mother! I love you! You are my greatest treasures.
To my daughters, the wives of my sons - Thank you! I find great joy in the ways you love and selflessly serve your husbands/my sons. Together, We Are Family! We love you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Word Is In

We just noticed an email that came in this evening informing us that ALL of the YPM's made it to Nauvoo safe and sound. They had a quick dinner at President and Sister Ludwig's (Nauvoo mission pres.) and they are all assigned homes for the evening.
That was great news to get! We assumed Chase had arrived safely, but now we know. It is a great end to a long day (though it's not over yet, still waiting for Connor and BrittanyJo to get home from Youth Conference and Michael to return from his evening event). I love it when the mission presidents (or in this case, Elder and Sister Murset) email to let us know that our missionaries arrive safely. It shows great consideration and compassion on their part...and it calms our hearts.

Early Morning!

We were up and to the airport, and Chase was on his way to Salt Lake before the sun came up today. He took a 5:15 flight to Salt Lake and from there he will go to St Louis Mo. He will meet up with other YPM's (Young Performing Missionary) and take a bus ride to Nauvoo. The leaders will be on that bus giving instruction and info pertaining to their responsibilities. They will each meet with the mission president and be assigned companions and then begin their work and practice. We are not sure when we will hear from Chase next, but we assume that we will hear from him sometime before the end of next week.

Chase is checking in at the airport

We waited to see his plane take off...He's off for an opportunity of a life time!

We seem to keep a pretty constant run of missionaries in our family, so our mission reports will continue...just with a different son and a different type of mission for a few months...then he will go on to a two year proselyting mission.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that the Lord provides for us all. There is so much good out there to be found and we must be traveling in the right direction to find it. Here's hoping and praying that we can each be walking on the right path so that we can find those bright rays and beautiful blossoms that will pop up in the middle of nowhere....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Midweek Medical Report and Mission Report

WBC = 2.8
RBC = 3.37
Platelets = 72
Neutrophils = 1.4
Liver counts are about the same...still elevated.
No appointment next week...we'll be back on the 16th.

Also -
CD56 test results from SCCA are in and they look good for now. We will keep testing as they suggest and hope for at least a little improvement each time...we'll be watching the trend.

Dr Smith (our oncologist) printed off a copy of info she received from Dr. Kiem/SCCA and though we haven't read it, I did just look at the first line and it said this; "It was a pleasure to meet Terry Hebdon and his wife during the...." For me, that was a surprising start to the letter. We do feel like Dr. Kiem was a good doctor and we appreciated his knowledge and "bedside manner". I suppose we could start a letter the same way about him. There are good people everywhere we go!!! Thank you for being good people!

Also on a medical note - we are adding one new med to Terry's regimen this week...an antibiotic for his cold and cough that makes for a miserable night, at least.

Chase got set apart tonight - he is officially a missionary! Bishop Allred set him apart, and it was a great blessing. Thank you Bishop - you are one of those good people out there!

He has one last day in Royal (for awhile)!

Monday, May 2, 2011

This Week!

Chase began his count down a long time ago, but this week is the major count down since he leaves early Friday morning. This is a very exciting opportunity for him and we look forward to the experiences that he will have on this service mission, playing in the Nauvoo Brass Band. We spent several hours in Tri Cities Saturday purchasing his supplies and costume items ... trying to get him prepared. We only have a few things left to do this week, but we'll have to keep moving to make sure we get them done in time since the days seem to be going by fast.
Here are a few photos I found online that you might enjoy: