Saturday, October 17, 2015

Terry Beckett Hebdon

We have another addition to our family!  Thomas and Dana added one more ...


He joins siblings - Auger, Akeigh and Boston.

I got a text telling me they would call him Beckett.  I knew it was a name starting with a B, and that is all I expected.

I also got this picture.  

It's such a tiny picture on my phone and I was looking at my grandson, not the paper, and at a glance it looks like Baby Hebdon is written on the paper, so that's what I went with.  

It was hours later when Connor mentioned something about Beckett's name that confused me, so I went back to look through my texts, stretched the picture larger...,  

more like this -

and actually read the name written on the sticker on his chest.  

I love it!

My heart is full of joy!   It sounds so wonderful - Terry Beckett.   I'm sure that I will have to use both names when I say his name - at least some of the time. 

Mother is fine and is going to try to get some rest, in the ML hospital, but surely missing her baby. Baby is 4 weeks early and his lungs need some help, so they have sent him to Spokane to be cared for there.  His daddy gave him a blessing and we are praying for him.  

I know Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers, so I know all will be well if we trust Him. I keep hearing Beckett's grandfather say "It will turn out better than you think!".    

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

With Halloween coming soon, it seems that we have had a few tricks and treats find their way to our house.

Friday night treat = Connor and BrittanyJo came home for ..., well, for Saturday.

Saturday treat = a great day to share with family, keeping warm and comfortable inside our home.
Saturday trick = the wind blew a crazy dust storm outside.

That dust storm found it's way inside as well., and before I was aware of it, our playroom looked like this.  

The grandchildren were playing happily and didn't even know it was happening, but when I discovered it, they were quickly directed to a new room to play in, away from the dusty air.

Sunday morning Connor and BJo headed back to Rexburg after attending sacrament meeting in Warden.  We miss them already, but were happy to have one day with them.  

Monday treat =  After we cleaned the church building (Thomas' family and Anthony and I) we sat down to watch How to Train a Dragon 2.  Then we had more guests (Michael's family) and it wasn't long before our front steps were filled with pumpkins.  

I walked out of the house on the way to seminary the next morning with this lovely look.  I enjoy it each time I walk in and out of the house.

Isn't it silly that I didn't get any pictures of the family?  My Bad!  But it was nice to have family together again.  Already looking forward to the next time.

A Tender Mercy

To Remind Me:
I love this message from my seminary study last night and so want to remember it.
It's one more time when something speaks to me in a very personal way. Especially the last paragraph.  I didn't actually read my name in place of Abraham when I was studying it, but the feeling was the same as if I had, and quite intense.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Here's what's been happening ...

Our house has gone through some changes of late.  Some out of necessity and one out of desire.

After 23 years of weather, especially these blasting winds, our shingles were ending up on the ground too often and a leak was found in the ceiling of my craft room.   Repairs were definitely in order.

But, before we could repair those things I followed through with a desire that Terry and I have had for several years.

A few years ago Terry and his boys built a deck out the dining room and family room doors. Terry put every effort he had into it, but in all honesty, Thomas did much of the work.

(FYI - Past posts about the deck can be found Here and Here.)

We really loved it, but found that we didn't use it as much as we thought we might because of the heat beating down from the sun and the little bit of rain on occasion that sent us all back inside.

In some of the heavy rain and blistering wind days our family room would have some wet carpet, so we knew we needed to do something to fix that problem too.  This roof should solve that problem.

hail storm 20 July 2012

If there is a problem now, it is that the deck will only be washed off when I wash it off. The rain will not do it for me. Oh Bother! That won't be a real problem except for the windy days without the rain, like our last Saturday when we ended up with a field in our yard, covering the deck. It will be a dusty mess to clean when I get around to that one.

Now, back to the real story -
Terry and I had decided that to make the deck worth it's money we should cover it, but Terry's health held us back with that project, so it never did happen.

With the roof needing new shingles it seemed that now would be the time to make that change, so I finally put that plan in motion.

It is so awesome!  I am sure we will love it.  I already love it!

The roofing got completed.  Old shingles removed and new put on.

Next up - paint the exterior.  Then maybe I can finally get the shutters back up at the windows (something else Terry and I have wanted to do for awhile and didn't get it done) and put the railing back around the deck.  I just keep keeping us busy with something, as if seminary wasn't enough.

BTW - I love my seminary students!!!!!   They are AWESOME!!!!!    Everyone would want to teach seminary if they had my students.   The students might want a new teacher, but I don't want to trade any of my students!   The Lord gave them to me, and I'm grateful that He did.