Saturday, May 31, 2008


Here she is on her first birthday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Anthony on his first birthday. He really wants to touch that candle.
Even this year he wanted to touch them and proceeded to pinch the candles out.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Elder Skyler D Hebdon

We had a wonderful visit with Elder Skyler Hebdon on Mother's Day. Simply delightful! He called on the cell phone that has his voice saying "Hey Mom, you're wanted on the phone!" for it's ring tone. That was awesome! He sounded great!
Then to top it off he emailed some photos in his Monday email. It was exciting to see those photos. Here are a couple of them. To see the dozen or more he sent you may click on Online Photo Albums at the right in our list of Favorite Spots. That will take you to our Picasa Albums where you can choose which album to view.

PS. MOTHER'S DAY was quite a nice day... We got a visit from Brandon and his friend Jake and Jake's 11 month old son, Cooper. They were here for a few hours and we truly enjoyed the visit. It was so good to see Brandon. (We wish we could have seen Megan too, but we are happy that Brandon and Megan get to see each other this week. She's been in Rexburg with school and work, and he has been in the Seattle area for internship. See their blog for more of their story.)

We also got a call from Gregory and his family. It's always fun to hear the sweet little voices in the background, and to hear a special Happy Mother's day wish from our cute little grandson. You'll find some great photos of our grandchildren on their blog. Kudo's to Gregory and Adena for the great job they're doing as parents!

As mentioned above, everyone was able to visit with Skyler and share in that wonderful event of the day. We talked with each of Terry and Elaine's moms, so what more could we do to make the day more wonderful?!?!? (Well, maybe it would have been nicer if Elaine didn't have to teach the Gospel Doctrine class that day, but she did, and it was a first time experience that really caused some stress. This call to teach is as an assistant, which means that only about once a month will she teach, but it's once a month too many :).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 2008 Prom

Michael's last prom -
Michael leaving to pick up his date, Tawnee Gonzales. (He didn't really get to pose, I just took a shot when I could, and I had to hurry cause it was starting to rain.) He looked really sharp!

Michael and Tawnee went with a group of friends to Moses Lake for the day. Then they went home to get ready and met up again for dinner and the dance.

Chase's first prom -
After marching in the RHS band at the Wenatchee parade Chase's group had dinner with their dates at a neighbors home. After dinner the girls left to get ready for the dance and the boys split up to get ready. These boys came to our house, and here they are just before they left.
Chase took Cassidy Ellis.