Monday, April 28, 2008

Anthony and friends at the tennis matches 26 April 08

I tried to take a picture of Anthony and his friends, but he had played with my camera on the way to the match, and when I clicked the button to take a photo it became a video. By the time I realized and fixed the problem the boys had moved and were not as visible, so until I learn how to get a still frame out of a video, this is what I have. (I have played with this a bit and cannot figure it out. I need help if you know how to do this and can help me with it.)

Tennis Matches, 26 April 08



Connor and Thomas in the background.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dorothy Meets Alice

Chase has been participating (as the White Rabbit) in a play with the Royal High School Music Department and Drama Club.

It was a wonderful performance (and we have seen it three times already).

There will be one more weekend of this performance with shows on Friday at 7:00 and Saturday at 3:00 and 7:00. The cast did a great job - making it fun to watch each person individually, and the group as a whole. We loved them all, but we are partial, and side with a grandchild of one community member. (As I was in the store Saturday afternoon a lady told me that one of her grandchildren told her that her favorite part of the play was the White Rabbit.

Okay..., she had 4 grandchildren there, and each chose a different "favorite part" of the play, but one did choose the White Rabbit, and we do too!)

More photos can be found in our online photo albums by clicking on the link at the right (our favorite spots).


Lovin' that chocolate cake he had on his first birthday.

Most know that our family has cake and icecream for breakfast on each birthday. Chase requested Berry French Toast for his cake, and it goes great with ice cream, so that was our wonderful Sunday breakfast. (better than the cereal that we usually have on Sunday mornings)

Monday, April 7, 2008

You should feel loved today, because you are loved. We love you!

The sun was shining for a few minutes this morning as the kids were getting ready for school, and it was so cheery and beautiful. The sun is now hiding behind the clouds, and the cheeriness I felt because of those beautiful rays is hiding with it.

I guess I need to step outside to see the daffodils that are blooming and the weeping cherry tree that is trying hard to bloom, and will soon be in full bloom. There are many other things that I could do, which include counting my many blessings.

This "gloominess" sometimes overshadows me too much and I wish I could do something to help spring get here. I wonder if others may be feeling the same way.
Maybe a welcoming party would be helpful - not in getting spring here, but in cheering up our hearts as we anxiously await it's arrival. I, Elaine, need it desperately, hense, the reason for the blog color changes. And the reason for the title of todays blog - it always helps us when we let someone know that we love them, it just makes us feel good, so I want you to know that I love you! If you are viewing this blog it is surely because you have an interest in our family and I love you for that and thank you for all you do to bless our lives.

Happy spring-ing! as we count our many blessings and name them one by one.

PS. Wasn't general conference wonderful, again! What a joy it is to watch and listen to our leaders, especially our living prophet. I delight in the words of our leaders as they present their messages with unconditional love and with the intent to bless our lives. (And indeed they do!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here he is on his first birthday - Mmmmmm Good!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're at the bottom of the mountain again. Not far to go till we are on the plains. It looks great.

Below is the chart we were given at Terry's treatment today.
It looks very good to us.
It is hard to see the dates listed on the bottom - maybe you can double click on it to enlarge it???.

The first date is last March (07) when his count was low.
It kept getting worse until his treatment in December (07). (The peak)
After the treatment in Dec. you can see that it has improved greatly over a shorter period of time, and before his treatment today, (which is the lst point) it is almost as good as back in March 07.

He has one more treatment in 3 weeks and then a cat scan and then another report.
We have high hopes that that will be the end of this set of treatments. Things are looking good.

We are so grateful for medical science and physicians that help us.
Mostly, we are grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who blesses our lives in so many ways.

We ate lunch at the China Buffett after Terry's treatment and my fortune said that I would recieve good news in the mail. Well, I didn't seem to find it in todays mail, but maybe it was redirected - maybe I'm sending that good news by email, or other mail, such as this blog. Really, we got that good news before lunch and you are viewing it above.

Have a great day!