Monday, February 18, 2008

Athlete of the week!

This article is from the TriCities Herald.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


They live hoppily ever after!
We wish you a "hoppily ever after" too!

PS. you'll see some fun photos on Brandon and Megan's link at the right - check it out! They are living "hoppily" ever after! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Basketball / FBLA

Michael just finished a great season of basketball. He is #42 in the photo below. I wish we had other basketball photos, but I had to settle with this one from our school site. (The first photo is of him by our fence, we were sampling some Sr. picture options.)

I wish we had his stats record, but we are happy to have this one newspaper headline from February 11, that was given to us by Doris Jelmberg, one of our awesome neighbors. The article starts out like this; "Michael Hebdon had another huge game on Saturday and, consequently, the Royal Knights will play at least one more day. Hebdon recorded a double-double of 24 points and 14 rebounds, leading the Knights to a 69-64 win over the Wahluke Warriors...."
I found a different news article online from the game we played previous to the game mentioned in the above article and it stated that Michael had 21 points and 11 rebounds for that game.
They have played their last game now, which was against Goldendale, and we lost by 4 points. It was not one of our best games, but we sure had some good games previous to it. Congratulations to Michael for being such a great asset to his basketball team!
As for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) - More Congratulations! Michael went to a competition today and did very well and will continue on to state. More about that later.

Backin' up a bit. Summer 2007 We couldn't leave it out!

Megan, BrittanyJo, and Skyler making kabobs
for Elaine's birthday dinner. Who is that on the
counter in the background?
*A prize to the winner(s) who guesses it right.
Go ahead and leave a comment telling us who
you think it is.

Megan BBQing, Anthony and Elaine watching.

Skyler and Anthony enjoy some air time on the

This is the beautifully delicious icecream cake
that Megan made for Elaine's birthday. Okay,
there are fourty-something candles on that
cake. There could be *another prize for the
person that gets that right.

This is what the inside of the cake looked like.
I wish we could let you taste it - but, we enjoyed
every bite of it ourselves. *Can you tell us what
the icecream flavors are and what the sides of
the cake are made out of?

BrittanyJo and Connor, Anthony and Terry
playing table tennis.

Brandon and Thomas working in the little house
out in our back yard.

Brandon, Terry, Thomas working on the lighting
and preparing to put the door on. Kate and
Megan ready and willing to help as needed.

Thomas and Brandon, with Anthony making
sure they get it right :).

*PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED AS STATED IN THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Prizes will be awarded to all winners who reply by sending the correct answer(s) to us by clicking on one of the comment links found below the posts on our blog. All winners will be announced on our blogspot. All winners must visit the Terry Hebdon home to claim their prize(s). Prizes will be held for up to one year, but due to the deteriorating memory of the claims representative each winner (during their visit to the Hebdon home) must mention that he/she is a blogspot winner. Prizes may differ from one to the next. THANKS FOR PLAYING!

The Domino Effect!

Brandon caught the fever too. There really is something exciting about this new find. Check out Brandon and Megan's site and see those two wonderful people (that we feel so blessed to have belong to us) by clicking on the link found at the right of this page or using this address in your search bar - They are still such a beautiful couple.

Christmas 2007. We loved having Gregory and Adena and their kids with us and getting more acquainted with our grandchildren.

Tawny and Brayden.

BrittanyJo and Adena creating photo journals.
Brayden is coloring.

Our sweet Tawny.

Thomas, Michael, Connor, and Gregory
heading out to hunt.

We didn't have much snow, but wanted to try
it out anyway. Gregory and Brayden on the
hood/sled, Terry and Anthony on the 4wheeler,
and Adena taking a picture.

We got a bit more snow, and oh what fun it is!
Michael, Adena and Chase on the sleds.
Gregory and Brayden (and BrittanyJo is
behind Gregory) on the 4wheeler.

Chase and Brayden having and snack and
watching a movie... or something like that.

Visit the Online Photo Albums for more Christmas time pictures.
Most of those photos were taken by Anthony and BrittanyJo.
Sometimes they are real camera bugs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We Celebrate 28 Years Together!

We are celebrating our anniversary today! And, we take a minute to wish you a happy day too! We are thankful for each of our family members and thank you for all you do for us! We love you! You help make life beautiful!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Example Speaks Louder Than Words

Gregory and Adena told us about a blog they were creating, and I immediately thought of how I would enjoy seeing it, but also of how overwhelming it sounded (and there was no way that I would be able to do such a thing, no matter how awesome it sounded).

The first time on their blog I saw the photos, but was in a hurry and couldn't take much time to read the words. This morning I read it all and enjoyed every minute of it - what a wonderful site, what a wonderful service, especially to those who live such distances as we do and are unable to see each other very often.

I was impressed with the talent shown in their blog and realize that it is prepared mostly by Adena, the woman our oldest son loves so dearly. We continue to see her talents as the years go by and see how she is truly becoming a wonderful mother as well as a wonderful wife for our beloved son.

Reading their blog made me think about creating one for our family and the more I read the more I realized that I wanted to create a blog too. Could I be a part of something so exciting????? I decided to try. So, here goes... But first, many thanks to Adena and Gregory for the great example.

Their blog can be reached by clicking on their names at the right or by entering this address in your search bar -