Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playing catch up...

August 7th - We got a surprise visit from Gregory and Adena and family. It was a wonderful surprise.

August 9th - Brandon and Megan came to visit us. Our visit was short, but it was so wonderful to see them. They are both in Rexburg again getting ready for another semester of schooling.

Also, wheat harvest got done :)

August 16th - Dana went back to Utah to continue wedding plans and prepare for her college experience.

August 21st - We left to take Michael to Utah. Chase and Connor stayed home to participate in football practices. Unfortunately, Connor had to give a Sac talk while we were gone.

August 22nd - We arrived in Utah, had a surprise visit with Dana, had lunch with her family and BJo and Elaine attended a family bridal shower for her while the guys went to Gregory and Adena's for the night. The girls met up with them later that night, and stayed the weekend with them. They have a nice home in Sandy, and again, we enjoyed our visit.

August 25th - We drove, and drove, and drove... home.

August 27th - The kids started school today. Sorry no picture - I'll have to get it on their second day.

MICHAEL IS AT THE Y, living in Heritage Halls. Adena dropped him off Wednesday morning. He is trying to get acquainted with campus and all the particulars like obtaining his food card and books. It's a big campus, there are a lot of people, and it is overwhelming for a youth from Royal City, but he is sure to accomplish it all and we are confident that the Lord will help and comfort him - (I pray for him, and we include him in our family prayers, so, with the Lord on our side, we know he will succeed.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

You're Invited!

JoLyn Farrer is giving this shower for Dana.
She asked that I share this with the women/girls in my family.
We'd love to see you there if you can.
(click on the invite below to enlarge it)