Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Concerning Terry's Health

Terry had a doctor visit.  We didn't get much in the way of news, but there isn't much to hear.  Blood levels are still not where they should be - we are kind of used to hearing that, but wish we could hear something more positive.

Terry had a bone marrow biopsy today and we have to admit that this time it was not too painful (especially compared to some of the worst he has experienced).  We won't hear any results until next week at our Tuesday appointment.  We'll keep you posted.

His test results for the past several weeks have not given too much hope of improvement, in fact, they suggest the opposite.  This makes us apprehensive and anxious for the bone marrow test results. 

We continue to hope and pray for a miracle concerning Terry's health!  We need it!

We say thank you to all who are participating in the blood drive Thursday in Royal City.   This blood drive is not for Terry or any one person, it is for all who are in need, but we are very aware of the fact that it is kind and generous people donating blood that help keep Terry going.    He received two units of reds and one of platelets today, which seems to be his normal routine each Tuesday and Friday. 

Collin College hosts January blood drive with Carter Blood Care
image from here

Just in case you are curious, click here for a few blood facts and statistics from the American Red Cross.

I'll close with Terry's letter to the editor this week (however, if you saw the letter in the paper you might notice that the paper chose to leave out a few lines that Terry really wanted in there.  It helps share his feelings the way they truly are).

Letter to the Editor in regards to the Blood Drive

To our wonderful community,

There is a plaque in the display case at the Wenatchee Valley Clinic Pharmacy that states “There is no such thing as a small act of kindness!” by Marjorie Pay Hinckley.

My name is Terry Hebdon.  I’ve personally noticed many acts of kindness especially since having cancer the past ten years.  Personally I am living on borrowed blood.  On Tuesday and Friday of each week I receive 2 units of reds and 1 unit of platelets.  I am one of many who are now dependent on this routine.  Therefore, those who have already donated are keeping us alive. Those who may donate in the future will be offering life to others.

As you may notice, many in our community have similar needs.  There are accidents, operations and those whose bodies no longer generate blood cells.  Sadly we each have loved ones who are affected by those before mentioned maladies.

I wish to apologize for the selfish tone of this letter.  I’m only using personal information to elicit your help for many.  I thank you for your goodness and kindness.  I thank you on behalf of several whom I know that will receive help from these donations.

Please do your best in regard to the Red Cross Blood drive October 2nd at 10:00am to 7:00pm, at the New Life Church in Royal City.

Remember “There is no such thing as a small act of kindness.” 

You’re my heroes,

Terry Hebdon

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Doctor Visit

Doctor Visit and Platelets transfusion today. 

WBC = 0.2(LL) (same as the last five labs)
HGB = 9.3(L) (higher than it's been in the last five labs) 
HCT = 27.3(L) (higher than it's been in the last five labs)
Platelets = 3(LL) (it's been jumping around 5,7,4,3,5, and 3 today)

We don't know any other counts from today.  The reds were high enough that he didn't need a transfusion today, but he did need platelets.  We stayed in the chemo room for those to be transfused.  Then we took Chase to a late lunch and got him a few items he needed and then we headed home.

Chase is enjoying his mechanics class, but the reading class has something to be desired.

Here is something funny I found on pinterest today -
image from pinterest
"Anybody have plans to stare at their phone somewhere exciting this weekend?"  Not I!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Chopping silage ... this is the last field.   :)

Medical Week & BJo Address

Monday (15th) thru Friday (19th) Terry had Dacogen chemo infusions and each went well.

In addition to chemo, Tuesday (16th) and Friday (19th) were transfusions - each day with 2 units of red blood cells and 1 platelets.   Each of those went well too.

Terry has been hurting a lot lately and we hope that means something is working inside, but the blood work doesn't seem to give us that hope.  His labs actually show that things are worse (the Blasts are too high - but we don't really understand what a Blast count is enough to explain it to anyone), but they are not necessarily going to stay that way.  Dacogen is supposed to help bring the Blast count down (and help some of the other counts too) so we may still see some improvement.  So we hope and pray on ....

Even though the appointments went well, it has been a long and busy week for us, actually a long and busy couple of weeks.  Life is definitely happening around here.

When I left to do some shopping Friday afternoon I found that our left rear car tire was flat.  Oh Bother!  What was I to do?   I have never changed a flat tire before. Every once in awhile I wonder if I should learn, but I decide that I've lived this long without it then there may not be a need. 

Surprisingly I didn't feel too frantic, but I knew I couldn't change it.  I called up to Terry (still in the hospital room receiving his transfusions) and he suggested I get the Curby people to help me if they could.  Well, the Curby lady didn't know how to change a tire either so she got me the phone book and I called Les Schwab.  I had to wait almost an hour but they came and aired up my tire, then I drove a mile or so to their shop to have them fix it.  It all turned out just fine, except that I did not get all of my shopping done.  I'll have to do it next week. 

We've enjoyed hearing from BJo and she is enjoying her first week at school, though she is feeling like it's been a long and busy week too.   She has made some friends and enjoyed some classes and looks forward to more good times.  I'm sure she would love to hear from you if you'd like to write her:

BrittanyJo Hebdon
246 S. 1st W. Apt #203
Rexburg, ID 83440

As I was wondering what photo or image I could add to todays post I found this one from June.

BJo and Akleigh fun with glasses
Then I remembered I had one on my camera that I should add.  This was just a couple days ago when I was watching these two little guys for a couple minutes.

Sweet Stuff!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dacogen Week!

It's our week of chemo treatments (Monday thru Friday) and today went well.  We are anxious for tomorrows visit and are set up for a transfusion of red cells and platelets.  We know he needs them because he missed Fridays transfusion since we were in Rexburg.  Terry's counts are low today, but then we already knew that.   I'll probably just wait to post again about this weeks treatments at the end of the week.   Until then, consider this ...

image from here


Sunday, September 14, 2014


We did it ... we took BrittanyJo to Rexburg this week!  And, we left her!  Oh Bother!  ;0  We miss her already, but we know she is where she should be, so we will survive! 

We left Wednesday afternoon and traveled to Missoula.  We tried 8 or 10 motels until we finally found one that had a room for us.  

This is the view we found when we looked out the window from our motel ...

It was a lovely quiet place ..., then we noticed a few friends taking advantage of this little area of peace on earth.

There were at least three that we saw and they were running around all of those trees and limbs with vigor and vim. It was fun to watch for a few minutes.

We had a great breakfast and some hot chocolate to go and continued on our way.  We got to Rexburg and drove around, walked some of campus to get BJo's books and check things out, had lunch together, and took a peek at her apartment.  Then we went to Sherri and Bryan's place in Idaho Falls for the evening.  We had a great visit and a great night before heading back for a busy day of unloading, unpacking, shopping, and more shopping.

Here is BrittanyJo taking her first load up to her room at Carriage House Apts.

She lives in room 203.  Just inside this door ...

We drove up to the temple and sat there on that lot to give BrittanyJo a fathers blessing before her new school year.  It was such a peaceful place and seemed perfect for the occasion.

We love to see the temple there in Rexburg.  It is up on a hill, sitting as a beacon or "North Star" (or maybe guiding star would be a better term).   Look to the temple!   The temple helps us find our focus and guides us in the right direction.  The Rexburg temple will help that way in mapping out the city and every temple helps that way in mapping out our lives.  Look to the temple and partake of it's blessings.   (By the way - Brandon helped with the building of this temple, so it holds a special place in our hearts.)

Our little girl, all grown up, is now out on her own and enjoying life.   She isn't really alone ..., she has the Lord on her side because she is on the Lord's side.  He will help her through everything that comes her way.  That is true for each of us - if we invite Him into our lives He will be there for us, and that makes life beautiful.   We are so lucky ..., so blessed!

We left BJo in her apartment after 6:00pm Friday and got to Dillon a couple hours later that night.  She was worried that we were leaving so late and that our drive would be hard on us.  I sent her a message after we got into our room (which happened to be the last room left in that hotel, the first hotel we checked that night) and told her that we were settled and doing fine.  My message wasn't delivered immediately and I set it aside to get ready for bed.  We heard the ding of her message to us coming in after we'd been in bed a while - it was after 11:00pm, but it was a wonderful noise!  ;)   We knew this message would be from BJo and I immediately got up to see her message and learn that she had been out for some fun with her "Get Connected" group.  She was having a great time and Terry and I were pleased to hear that all was well.  We knew it would be, but hearing it makes things even better.  I got back in bed with a smile!  My heart was happy!

It's a new and exciting, tricky, but great time of life for her and she will love it!  Classes start Monday (15th).   Ready, Set, GO!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lemon and Armenian Cucumbers

Summer and Fall bring us great garden treats ... that is if we plant and care for a garden.

One of my long time favorites from our garden is Lemon Cucumbers.   (These, however, are not from my garden.)

Lemon Cucumbers have a great flavor and are usually never bitter.  They do have a unique look - not much like a regular cucumber.  They have little black prickly things on the outside so we always peel them to eat them. 

I learned about these as a young girl, when my mother used to grow these in our garden in Warden as I was growing up.  Because I like them so well I have grown them many times in our garden, but I have never seen anyone else grow or sell these (until my children started growing them too).   It's usually hard to find the seeds.

This year Michael grew these cucumbers in his garden and shared them with us. 

They are Armenian Cucumbers and they are delicious - even sweeter than the Lemon Cucumbers.
I had never seen them before, so it was a treat for us, and they could easily become my favorite cucumber. They look more like a cucumber than the Lemon Cucumbers do, but they have a unique outside skin - it's a bit fuzzy, so we like to cut the skin off of these too (but I don't know if you have too it just seems better that way to me).

If you're like me, and you get a chance to try one of these, you might find that you like cucumbers better than you thought you did.  Michael has sold a few at Judy's and at Harvest Foods, and even at a Farmer's Market - I hear there are some people who are pretty excited to find them because they love them so much and cannot easily be found. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Appointment

Our Friday appointment included seeing the doctor because she had been gone for a couple weeks.  The doctor added a new med to help clear up Terry's sinus issue (the infusion of Rocephin on Tuesday has made no improvements for him) and we hope it begins to help very soon.

Terry received 2 units of reds and 1 of platelets. 

RBC = 2.97(L)
HGB = 9.0(L)
HCT = 26.3(L)
WBC = 0.2(LL)
Platelets = 7(LL)
ANC = 0.0(LL)

Unfortunately Terry was by himself for those transfusions because BrittanyJo and I went and did some final shopping to get her set up for college.  We may have a couple more items on our list, so final might not be the correct word there, but we will do that online or on our way to Rexburg. 

We have got a pretty full schedule before we head out, so we are trying to accomplish a lot these next few days. We are taking it one day at a time ... It's best that way! 

Here's a smile for your day!

You are special timeline cover, smile timeline cover banner
image from here

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


We spent most of our day in Wenatchee yesterday.  Terry had two units of red blood cells, one platelets, and we added an infusion of Rocephin. 

His counts were low, but the only count I remember is the platelets at 5.  

Rocephin is being used to treat Terry's sinus infection that is getting worse - he's feeling it in his ear now and it's a miserable thing that we haven't been able to get rid of.  Though it would be great, we don't expect it to go away, but we do hope to see some improvement soon.

Just for fun:
I was cleaning up and found this picture of our lawn bubble ...

We turned the water on after we took the tent down after our reunion and this bubble formed - evidence that we hit a pipe with one of the posts.  Ooops!  It's repaired and working fine by now, but it was an interesting sight to see.  Anthony and Chase had some fun with it.