Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Appointment

Our Friday appointment included seeing the doctor because she had been gone for a couple weeks.  The doctor added a new med to help clear up Terry's sinus issue (the infusion of Rocephin on Tuesday has made no improvements for him) and we hope it begins to help very soon.

Terry received 2 units of reds and 1 of platelets. 

RBC = 2.97(L)
HGB = 9.0(L)
HCT = 26.3(L)
WBC = 0.2(LL)
Platelets = 7(LL)
ANC = 0.0(LL)

Unfortunately Terry was by himself for those transfusions because BrittanyJo and I went and did some final shopping to get her set up for college.  We may have a couple more items on our list, so final might not be the correct word there, but we will do that online or on our way to Rexburg. 

We have got a pretty full schedule before we head out, so we are trying to accomplish a lot these next few days. We are taking it one day at a time ... It's best that way! 

Here's a smile for your day!

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