Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Excitement in the air!

We had some fun as our family gathered together a couple nights ago.  There was a special addition to our evening as we saw this plane overhead a few times.  It was a highlight of our evening as children squealed with delight when they heard him come and saw him arrive.  Every one of us enjoyed this neighbors occasional appearance in the air. 

I love the little things in our day-to-day life that bring smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts!  

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Family Reunion

The Ronald and Gelene Rodeback Reunion was held at Ensign Ranch this year (4-7 July 2016), and we had a wonderful time.  We missed several members of our family - We love them all!   

This is the family I grew up with - my parents and siblings (minus one brother that passed away years ago). We were all able to attend the first day.

This family has grown one (or two) at a time - from 2, when my parents were married in 1957, to 115 today.  

2 parents
8 children 
7 children married
39 grandchildren
18 grandchildren married
41 great grandchildren

(My parents can of course claim all 115 as their own, but each of my siblings can claim a portion of those people as our own, and I just realized as I was writing this that 32 of them are mine. I haven't counted my family in a while, so it was fun to realize it now.)

This next photo is our family group that was able to attend the first night - 64 out of 115.  I had an additional 7 attend the next day or two, but some other family members had to leave, so numbers in attendance remained quite similar throughout the week.  

This is the small group of my posterity that were able to attend the first night.

Here is the last night with my family, just before I came home (I got sick that last night so Anthony and I came home a little early).

Michael's family, Gregory's family, me/Elaine, Thomas' family, Anthony, and Connor's family.

We enjoyed being together and we enjoyed the beauties surrounding us.  There was fun, games, and activities for all.  My brother and his wife did a great job at planning this reunion.  It was a success!

Of course, we had our traditional candy toss that my dad always does.  This started many years ago (maybe 32-33 years ago) with peanut m&ms, tossed to just a few little ones.  
Due to a peanut allergy, a few years ago it was changed to Hi Chews, and this year it was an assortment of candy. 

Many things change through the years, but one things remains - that one thing is that WE ARE FAMILY!   I am so grateful for my family ..., every one of them!  I am grateful for opportunities to get together.

Something to consider!  Family<3:
found on Pinterest ... of course  ;)

Being a FAMILY means you are part of something VERY WONDERFUL.  
It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.

I am grateful for our Heavenly Family, for a loving Heavenly Father, and for Christ, our Brother / our Savior.  I am thankful for Their gospel and for the priesthood and temple ordinances that make our family eternal if we live worthy of those promised blessings. I am thankful for Their love, Their comfort, and Their guidance.
It is hard enough to live without a family member on earth - I am so grateful that this emptiness and sorrow won't last for eternity..., that  "the rest of your life" means the rest of our eternal lives ...