Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Medical Update

Terry had an appointment today - a big day.
First was blood draw -
WBC = 2.6(L)
RBC = 3.91(L)
Platelet Count = 35(L) yip, pretty low, we'll watch for "bruising and anything new".
Absolute Neutrophils = 1.0(L)
ALT = 48 NORMAL!!!
AST = 52(H)

Next was cat scan.
- things look much like the last scan ... of course they do!

Then visit with the doctor while prepping for bone marrow biopsy.
- of course we'll wait for the results from Seattle - those results will be back in a couple weeks.

Then the bone marrow biopsy.
- remember, we have a two week wait for the results, so ... we are waiting ... next appointment is Aug. 14th.

Rodeback Family Reunion

Some of us (Elaine, BrittanyJo, Anthony, Tawnee, Dana, Akleigh, and Auger) were able to attend the Rodeback Family Reunion last weekend and had a great time.  Brandon and Megan were able to join us too. 
The guys (Terry, Connor, Michael and Thomas) had to stay home for hay harvest. That crazy rain and hail we had the week before set us back. We missed them.
Out of the 90 people in the Ronald and Gelene Rodeback Family we had about 60 people there. We enjoyed visiting with those that were there, but missed seeing those that were unable to attend.  We already look forward to next year! :)

Here are some of the activities we enjoyed and photos to go with them -
As usual, I wish I had more photos ... but I always look forward to others sharing their photos with us ... I love it when others take pictures too, cause I can't be everywhere and do everything at one time - no matter how hard I wish. And, the photos I do get are not always good photos ... my bad!
Swimming at the school pool -
Auger, Dana and Akleigh, Pam and Phoebe and Pficher, Katelyn and Carlee, Tawnee, and Megan.
Brandon, Levi, Jeremy, Trevor, Keenan, Anthony, Zach, Brian.
Pam and her twins.
 Cookie Contest -
Judges = Darryl, Brian, Brian, Thaoe, Shawn, Trevor, Brandon, Jacob, Ron.
The youngest judge - Ellie
We Won!  We made Skookies.  Yip! They are The Best!    Auger and Elaine
Dana, Megan, Brandon, Elaine making Skookies

Um, ya!  We ate them too!  Mmmm Good!

 Basketball fun -
Dana, Trevor, Jacob, Brandon, Megan
 Making Italian Sodas -
Elaine, Amber, Tawnee, Hailey

 Picture Scavenger Hunt
Our group - our feet!
Levi - in a tree!
Auger - in a tree!  (I really am lovin' these trees with the holes in them)
 Playing volleyball -
BJo in black, Anthony in yellow, Megan in pink, Brandon in dark blue, and others :)
 Finger knitting bracelets -
Tracianne, Tawnee, Anthony, BJo, Dustin sitting, Katelyn, Zach in back, Levi, Keenan, Hailey and Brooklyn painting nails
 Cooking and Eating -
Darryl, Christopher, Shawn, Mitch, Brandon, and Jenny.

Harper and Akleigh

 Playing Games -
Spray shaving cream on head ... toss Cheetos onto shaving cream ...
Auger, Dana, Kendal
 Dying T-shirts
Anthony, Zach, Akleigh, BrittanyJo, Jenny
Crafting -
Tawnee, Katelyn, Amber, Makaela, Shawn making Altoids tin scrapbooks
Friend, Amber, Dana, baby, Ben
A finished product - one idea!
m&m toss just before we left -

Traveling home -
Akleigh is having some fun 

Mission News

We received a letter from Chase's mission president last week, that included these great photos.

President and Sister Hermansen with Elder Chase Hebdon

Elders Sohkanen and Hebdon (companions)

President informed us that Chase had arrived and to send letters to the mission office to be forwared to him the next day.  We share that address with you in hopes that some might wish to write to him.  He'd love to hear from you!!

Elder Chase Hebdon
Nevada Reno Mission
1146 Prater Way
Sparks, NV 89431

Chase also emailed us Monday.  He sounds good and is happy to be serving the Lord in this capacity.

Friday, July 20, 2012


We've sure had some stormy weather this week.
Monday while the guys were out baling (and I was waiting up at home because they were only going to be a couple hours) the weather turned on us.

We witnessed lightning and rain and more rain. It was pouring, and coming hard from the east.
I knew the guys wouldn't wanna get out of their tractors in this terrible rain, but I wished they were home.
I tried to get a few pictures that would show how bad it was, but none of them really show all.

 Eventually our power went out and it was very dark outside.  I waited for some lightning so I could snap a photo of how it lit up the night. It was so dark to so bright.  On about the third try I clicked at the right time.

Good news is that they got the hay done (well, except for a tiny little amount on the corner south of our house. But, we have neighbors that didn't have the same good luck.

We've had rain storms come and go since then, and today it included hail - some the size of marbles.
Amazing weather - but we have more hay we need to harvest.  When will it stop?

I do love the sound of thunder and lightning can be so beautiful, but we really do need to have some dry weather for awhile.

We have heard from Chase

Wednesday morning we got an early phone call - one of those that you think "it's so early that something must be wrong with someone somewhere" - but it was a nice surprise - Chase called to tell us he was at the airport heading for Nevada.  And off he went!

Then Thursday brought us a surprise - Chase emailed to let us know he had arrived and all was well.  He will usually email on Mondays, but this was a special opportunity to let parents know that their missionaries had made it safely to their destinations.

His email was lengthy and fun to read.  I'll share a little of it.

He had already had a super exciting day.

His comp is Elder Sohkanen, from Finland, is musically talented, has performed on Finland Idol, and they are getting along great.

They are in the Reno North zone, Valley 2nd Ward, and live with a member, in a very small room that I think they will try to de-junk because of all the items left by previous missionaries.

They have a new car - 77 miles on it, they are in a new mission, a new zone, have a new mission president, a new mission office ..., everything is new, even Chase is a new missionary.  Excitement seems to be spreading everywhere there. He's excited about his mission opportunities and is looking forward to what is yet to come.

One last thing - one of the AP's they had lunch with served with Jace C. and really likes him. (don't know the AP's name though)  Small world!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shout Out!

Happy Birthday to Mom / Grandma / Gelene!
We Love You!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Terry!
We Love You!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Royal City Community Days Parade

One of the things we fit into our busy Saturday was the community days parade.  It was a simple little parade, yet there were moments when it touched my heart.
One of my favorite parts of the parade was to see the medical and emergency response vehicles come through the arch made by the fire trucks spraying water toward each other.
It seemed a patriotic thing to do and it touched my heart.
I was happy to be close enough to see it. 

Another favorite was seeing Connor in the band.  Seeing him there with his great smile touched my heart and reminded me of how happy/lucky I am to have him.
This is his last time to walk with the band in the parade since he graduated this year. 
I know he loved being there with his band buddies.

Next up, is the joy we feel to see neighbors and friends in our community as they participate in the parade.  Some handed out chocolate milk, others handed out Schwan's ice cream sandwiches (they happen to be my favorite ice cream sandwich), others I almost missed and felt so hurt that I didn't seem them sooner, but when that sweet little gal looked over at us with those beautifully sparkling eyes it melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  (I was so overcome that I didn't even get a good picture till after the fact!  But, that's okay, I still hold that look in my heart.)

Well, community days is over for the year.  It was one of those days that was so full I wasn't sure I wanted to spend time at the parade, but we went and I am grateful that we did.
Thanks to the community for such a great event.  Thank you for your goodness!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

An email from Chase

We are happy to announce that we received our first email from Elder Chase Lamont Hebdon.

He informed us that his first week was awesome!! 
Everyone in his district is awesome!!
and that getting mail (via DearElder) is awesome!!

He also informed us that he is District Leader.  Of the ten  elders in his district one is from Australia, one from Canada, and the others are from the USA.  His comp is Elder Sayeed and his other roommates are Elders Bahr and Tabler. 

We love to hear from our missionary sons and it was great to hear from Chase this week!!!  We look forward to the weekly news about his journey through this part of his life.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Trip to Cali for Madeline's Blessing

We had a great weekend - it started Friday as we picked up BJo from Cheney (girls basketball camp) and went to the Spokane airport.  We flew to Ontario with one stop in Vegas.
I really don't do planes very well, but did enjoy the fact that I wasn't driving for two days straight to get there and then the same coming back home.

We rented a car and drove from Ontario to Yucaipa  

where Brandon and Megan live. We went out to eat, visited and spent the night with them ...

Saturday afternoon we drove to Blythe where Gregory and Adena live. We visited and played and ate and ...

celebrated my birthday ...,

and, Sunday was Maddie's blessing.

Madeline Elaine Hebdon
Daughter of Gregory and Adena Hebdon

We left Blythe Tuesday afternoon and drove back to Yucaipa to stay with Brandon and Megan again. Wednesday morning we went with them to Redlands for a great little 4th of July parade (around the park full of booths) ...,

and then left for Ontario to board a plane.  Anthony spent some time on one flight folding a dollar bill into this jet - there were still a couple folds left after I took this picture.

Oh! Thanks to all of the families that set off fireworks in the Othello and Royal area (even some in Ritzville) as we participated in them on our drive home (yip, in the dark) - they were great!

We are home again and things are picking up where they left off ....
It's good to be home, but we already miss our children and grandchildren that we just visited ... can't wait for the next time we can get together.