Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rodeback Family Reunion

Some of us (Elaine, BrittanyJo, Anthony, Tawnee, Dana, Akleigh, and Auger) were able to attend the Rodeback Family Reunion last weekend and had a great time.  Brandon and Megan were able to join us too. 
The guys (Terry, Connor, Michael and Thomas) had to stay home for hay harvest. That crazy rain and hail we had the week before set us back. We missed them.
Out of the 90 people in the Ronald and Gelene Rodeback Family we had about 60 people there. We enjoyed visiting with those that were there, but missed seeing those that were unable to attend.  We already look forward to next year! :)

Here are some of the activities we enjoyed and photos to go with them -
As usual, I wish I had more photos ... but I always look forward to others sharing their photos with us ... I love it when others take pictures too, cause I can't be everywhere and do everything at one time - no matter how hard I wish. And, the photos I do get are not always good photos ... my bad!
Swimming at the school pool -
Auger, Dana and Akleigh, Pam and Phoebe and Pficher, Katelyn and Carlee, Tawnee, and Megan.
Brandon, Levi, Jeremy, Trevor, Keenan, Anthony, Zach, Brian.
Pam and her twins.
 Cookie Contest -
Judges = Darryl, Brian, Brian, Thaoe, Shawn, Trevor, Brandon, Jacob, Ron.
The youngest judge - Ellie
We Won!  We made Skookies.  Yip! They are The Best!    Auger and Elaine
Dana, Megan, Brandon, Elaine making Skookies

Um, ya!  We ate them too!  Mmmm Good!

 Basketball fun -
Dana, Trevor, Jacob, Brandon, Megan
 Making Italian Sodas -
Elaine, Amber, Tawnee, Hailey

 Picture Scavenger Hunt
Our group - our feet!
Levi - in a tree!
Auger - in a tree!  (I really am lovin' these trees with the holes in them)
 Playing volleyball -
BJo in black, Anthony in yellow, Megan in pink, Brandon in dark blue, and others :)
 Finger knitting bracelets -
Tracianne, Tawnee, Anthony, BJo, Dustin sitting, Katelyn, Zach in back, Levi, Keenan, Hailey and Brooklyn painting nails
 Cooking and Eating -
Darryl, Christopher, Shawn, Mitch, Brandon, and Jenny.

Harper and Akleigh

 Playing Games -
Spray shaving cream on head ... toss Cheetos onto shaving cream ...
Auger, Dana, Kendal
 Dying T-shirts
Anthony, Zach, Akleigh, BrittanyJo, Jenny
Crafting -
Tawnee, Katelyn, Amber, Makaela, Shawn making Altoids tin scrapbooks
Friend, Amber, Dana, baby, Ben
A finished product - one idea!
m&m toss just before we left -

Traveling home -
Akleigh is having some fun 

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