Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Report

We had a very happy Mother's Day.
It started several days ago with yard work.  Terry and the guys had been so busy with farm work, and I have been busy with other things and the weather was not something I wanted to be out in much this spring so the yard was left unattended. I must say however, that I have worked in the yard - and have spent much time there, but we do have a big yard and parts of it was looking kinda scary. ;)
So, since they had some time to help, they came in and cleaned up this yard so that it looks like someone lives here now..., and cares.  There is still more to do, but much has been done and it's looking great!  Happy Mother's Day to me!  I love it!
Michael and Tawnee are home from college, and we love to see them often.  We are enjoying those cute smiles from Elsie and look forward to the many more to come.
We got to talk to all of our children within two days time.  Some called Saturday so they could make sure to not interrupt the missionary calls.  And, I was able to visit with my mother.

I thought about taking photos a time or two, but only got these two - on the phone at the same time,  Michael talking to Elder Connor Hebdon and Thomas talking to Elder Chase Hebdon.

We had a great meal and a very relaxed and wonderful day.

We had the family over again Monday evening to help finish off some of the food and another gift came in the mail on Monday, so
this holiday continues to be a great holiday for me, and I hope it is for you too.


Look what I found in my junk box this morning.  Good thing I checked it before I deleted it.
I didn't recognize the name of the sender, but the subject line did say Elder Hebdon and Elder Johnson. 

And now ... I think it's time for something from the past.

BJo enjoying the flowers - August 1997

Roasting marshmallows at a family campout at Ensign - Summer 2002
Chase, Elaine, Anthony, BrittanyJo

Gregory helping rake the lawn -  May 1985

 Gregory and Brandon helping with the dishes -


 Oh! Connor must have been full - June 1995

Is this one of those new-fangled push mowers?  It's a fun one whatever it is!
Skyler on the mower, Thomas, Gregory, Brandon pushing the mower - Summer 1990

Thomas hugging his mom - Dec. 2004 - Just before he left for his mission.

In the hospital bed - Chase and Michael adoring Connor - April 1994

Looking for pumpkins - Gregory planted this garden before leaving for his mission - Chase, Thomas, Brandon, Connor, Michael, BrittanyJo and Terry - Fall 2001
 That was fun huh!

I am so glad that I'm a mom!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


For now, my Mother's Day post will consist of a link to another post I did about Mothers.  But, I'll be back to post more about Mother's Day, after our phone visits and family gathering.
Here is the post I did for My Stuff Room / Galore-ious Stuff
(9:30am update)


Did you count the candles?  15!

We exchanged gifts - actually, he gave me mine first.
He had a tennis match (all day) yesterday (alllllll day), and sneaked these home for me.  I didn't know until this morning.  Surprise! 

Beautiful red roses from my youngest son / child.
Quite thoughtful, don't you think!

I love my family!
Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!
(I am!)
(Actually, it's been a wonderful Mother's Day all week! - more on that later)


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tonight's The Night!

RHS Prom
Look at these beautiful people!
Kayla, Tanner, BrittanyJo, Jackson
(This prom dress is the project I was working on, and showed a little peek, in this previous post.) 

Friday, May 3, 2013

I saw this at Landee see Landee do and thought it was cute.
Missionary definition - wooden sign
As for my missionaries -
Chase was transferred this week to Dayton.
Connor is still in Titusville.
Both are doing well.