Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Missionary

We received a surprise email last night ... from Chase's mission pres.  It included this photo:

Shall we play "Where's Waldo" -
To find Chase - look at the last/top row of elders, count four from the left, look down one row and wallah! there is our elder!  (It was just easier to say it that way, because it's not easy to find where that next row - the row that he is in - starts.)
They also told us about their mission blog ..., though it seems that no one could be more excited than I was when I heard about it, maybe someone else will still want to take a peek.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I thought I would show you that old rusty wheelbarrow I've mentioned a couple times now.
It's standing up because I forced it to, but it usually remains on it's side when not in use, because the legs wobble side to side so much, and the two bolts at the front of the barrel are rusted through. 
We still love it, so maybe I'll fix it sometime.

And, this is our old rusty wagon - just for fun!
It doesn't move very easily either, because the wheels are bent, but it works great for a library shelf for the grandkids books.  I don't think I'll be fixing that up anytime soon.

Auger's Birthday

I thought I'd better post something a little different than that last post - I just didn't want to end there.  Silly!  But I didn't want to add this to that post - so it gets it's own.  We celebrated Auger's 3rd birthday -

He loves the candles, but didn't really want to blow them out.

I had a "snuffer" that we let him use to put each out.  That was fun enough to do again!  :)

He loved his gifts!

What is it?  This one is from us.

It's a wheelbarrow!  We knew he would love it, because he loves the old rusty broken one out in our yard.  This is so much better, and he can take it to his house. We know he will use it, even for what it's made for - weeds (I was going to say "the good kind", but there really isn't a good kind of weed.)

(We wish we could be to each of our grandchildren's birthday celebrations!  But, we do love seeing the photos on the blogs - we send a big THANKS for sharing!  Love you all!)

A Growers Meeting - of a different sort!

Last Monday I, Elaine, went to Spokane for jury duty, but didn't get chosen to stay.  That's okay - I didn't mind.  The case was one of drug possession.  I didn't say it, but thought - if the cops caught him and charged him with possession then he must be guilty.  I suppose we were to decide if the police were honest in their dealings.  Seems strange, but I guess I understand it.
Each juror was questioned and allowed to share any issues that might affect their decision for this case. Some gave info that amazed me - one was a medicinal user and another had a brother who was a legal grower.  WHAT?   I came home thinking that users and growers and those charged with possession were just not good - it seems awful.

What a preface that was to our week.

That same week, the guys started harvesting our silage just up the road by our house.  They ran some test runs one day and were getting ready to start harvesting the next morning when some law enforcement showed up at the field.  Well, Michael and Thomas were there, and called Terry (who was at a circle on a different field) telling him that he'd better get there ASAP.

A helicopter had been flying over and spotted a row of nice green foliage in our silage corn. They knew what that meant! Our guys saw the helicopter but didn't know why it was there or what it was doing.

When the sheriff showed up at the field he began to question our guys.  The questions seemed odd for a moment. Soon they learned that the foliage seen in our field was marijuana and those in the helicopter had called law enforcement to tell them to get here right away because we were harvesting.  

Ya, harvesting silage, but had we not been stopped we would have harvested marijuana and it would have been stacked in the silage pile ready to feed to some awful lucky (or not) cows. Would we have even known what it was?  We didn't even know it was there at that point.  I suppose Thomas (our chopper operator) would have noticed the tall green weeds in the field each time he came upon it, and certainly wondered about it. 

Well, a team of guys came out and pulled it all up and carried it to their dumpster and took it with them to dispose of (where and how I do not know).

Michael helping carry marijuana to the dumpster.

It was interesting to see how fast news travels, but when you have a road block with all these vehicles and men all around, you kinda get noticed.

So, in thinking about my experience in the court room, it's interesting to note that we were growers (clueless, but none-the-less we were growing it) (and what a nice job we were doing at that - they said it looked great - oh great!), therefore we had possession.  WHAT?   That's just bad!  It's a bit disconcerting!  
We are happy it's gone and not harvested by the real growers.   And happily we were and are not users. 
No charges were made, just a few strange thoughts in our minds.

On to silage harvesting ...

This is the field after harvest. 

 Everything looks pretty normal except for the green strip up through about 80 rows.  
To put your mind at ease - that green is night shade and weeds, not marijuana, but it is where the marijuana was growing.  

(FYI - the photos above are courtesy of Michael's phone, except for the last one that I took.  This is the point that I got in on the action. )

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Auger!
We Love You!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Megan!
We Love You!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Doctor Called

We don't have any real important news, but the doctor called with word from SCCA.  Then someone from SCCA called.  We will have a consultation on October 1st.

There is a trial we are considering and then of course we will also discuss the option of a second transplant.  Don't know what we are going to decide at this point.  I guess we'll have to learn more about it all.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Garden Angel

I was slow-pokin' around one morning trying to decide whether to start canning some nectarines or go weed the garden (and pick up weed piles from the day before) and didn't really force myself to do either.  But, I kept hearing strange noises - it started early in the morning when I heard what I thought was a bird on the roof and a noise like a broom stick falling and tumbling somewhere.  Occasionally I do hear noises and they spook me at times and this was really weird, cause no one else was around - I know, cause I opened the door and looked and called for anyone who would hear me - nothing!

So, I went back to slow-pokin' around and maybe an hour later I kept hearing other noises, like what sounded like a child making bit of noise, and someone dragging something along the gravel or working on equipment.  I just kept thinking that it must be a dove or other new bird coming to visit our yard, or that I was finally over to the crazy side of life ..., you know ..., kinda insane!  Oh, sometimes I do think it's coming! :)

Image from HERE

Well, finally there was just one too many noises and I was sure I had someone out there in the back yard, so I stood up to look out my window and ...,  ah! ..., I saw an angel with her accomplices.

So, I wasn't crazy as I thought I was.  Now I was just disappointed that I hadn't gotten up and looked earlier.  :(

What did I see?  Something that made me get up and get going.  I got right out the door to help that angel.  The first thing I heard was a sweet and excited little voice say "Hey Grama, we are doing a service for you!"  This little accomplice (Auger) was pushing an old wobbly kids wheelbarrow filled with weeds over to our weed pile. 

His sister, (Akleigh) the second accomplice, was sitting in the dirt/gravel jabbering and making noises, and very happy to see me.

The angel (Dana) was pulling weeds out of the veggie garden. 
What are they doing?  Duh!  I was told - they were "doing a service" for me.

Well, I got right in and helped ..., and the two accomplices found their way to the house ..., but the Angel remained for quite a while making my garden look better.  It's Great!  I love angels - don't you!

This did MAKE MY DAY!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

About Us!

Some of you have been anxiously waiting for an update ...
I've been putting it off until ..., well, until later ...
It's later!

School has started!  
I know! That's old news.  It started a week ago and I'm just getting around to posting about it.

Anthony is in high school this year and started seminary as well. Wow huh!?!?!?!  His choice of sports for this season is cross country.  FYI -  this mom has banned football.  Yip, I did!

BrittanyJo got her driver's license! Watch out Royal - she's on the roads - in a little greenish (chartreuse maybe?) Ford Focus.   Anthony will be her main side kick for a few months.

Connor is helping his dad and plans on going to college in January. He will also be working for 21st Century after school hours.  They finished the RC sign! (Well, except for a few more dates he found that need to be put up.)  

I'll spare you the details of all of the set backs from start to finish, but will say that we are glad that project is finally done.
THANK YOU  Eldorado Stone - they donated the stone and even paid their guys overtime for the labor to help lay the stone.  We are grateful! 

Another Special thanks to Callahan Manufacturing, the Booster's Club, and to Shane Christensen!
Connor also thanks his dad and brothers that donated time and labor and materials for this project.

Chase has a new companion but is still in the same area.  He rides a bike part of the time, and seems to be doing great!  He is grateful for the love and kindness that the members and investigators have for the missionaries.  

Terry is still the topic of discussion for the doctors so we have no medical news.  We are waiting to hear from the doctor, but aren't holding our breathe of course.  Last we heard they were trying to determine if he should take Revlimid (the daily pill) for the rest of his life or schedule a second and final stem cell transplant (as mentioned in this post).  Though he is doing fine, he does still get tired easily and has some aches and pains that he endures throughout each day.    They just finished baling (again) and are preparing for silage harvest. 

Okay, I'd better say that I, Elaine, am doing fine - just doing the odds and ends that need done which includes caring for family, keeping house, canning peaches, tomatoes and nectarines - mmmm good! ..., etc.

As for our married families - we love each and every one!
Check out their blogs - you'll find them in the column at the right.

But, I'll add this - we celebrated Akleigh's first birthday!  It's so fun to have grandchildren close by - wish they all could be! 
(Do you recognize this puppy Ethan?  You have a green one just like it.)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Dad / Grandpa / Ron!
We Love You!