Saturday, October 25, 2014

Doctor Visits this week

We spent our Tuesday in Wenatchee for a doctor visit, followed by transfusions of 2 red blood cells and 1 platelets.

Friday was less of a medical day with only the blood draw and 1 bag of platelets, so we were able to get home just after Anthony got home from school.  It seems that every once in a while we only do platelets, but the reds are still not normal, they are just not as low as they need to be to consider a transfusion. 

We keep on keepin' on!

Love this quote
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"If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill. The Lord is anxious to lead us to the safety of higher ground." 
- Henry B. Eyring

(Disclaimer:  I'm sorry if I post the same quote more than once here on this blog, I just can't remember what I have already posted and don't want to take the time to look.  It's a good refresher anyway!)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another great weekend

We enjoyed a few days with Skyler and Lisa this past weekend and be there for the special event when Todd (our 11th grandchild) was blessed.

It was so good to see them all and to get reacquainted with Claire.  We spent some enjoyable moments together.  She loved painting on the Ipad.

Photo of our sweet Todd Ritter Hebdon.

It was our first visit to Oklahoma, and it was the same weekend as the Oklahoma University homecoming game so there were many travelers in the area. 

We saw part of Oklahoma University campus and loved the beautiful old architecture of many of the buildings.  We noticed that most of the brick on the buildings in this town were red brick and that the dirt in this town was red dirt.  (I should have taken a photo of that dirt, because it was really red.)

This pumpkin patch was a familiar sight that brought a smile to our face and our hearts as we traveled back and forth each day we were there.  It was especially fun to see coming in from the other direction but I couldn't get the camera in the proper place for a photo from there.

Terry was not as healthy as he might have liked to be, and he slept more than he would have wished to, but we are still grateful for the chance to be there for this special occasion.   We had quite the adventure to remember, some things due to his health condition and some things due to our inexperience and lack of knowledge.  It's a long story so I put it in its own post: An Adventure in Oklahoma.

An Adventure in Oklahoma

I want to share this story because it confirms the existence of a loving Father in Heaven that hears and answers prayers and how He uses others to do that at times.  This earth life can be frustrating and hard, even in simple ways, but He is always there to help us in and through our journey.   He doesn’t always remove the hardships, but rather, He helps us through them.    

I am recording this story in detail to emphasize just how intense and stressful it was at the moment and because I want to remember it like it was.   It's a long story though, so beware!   

We flew from Pasco to Denver, then to Oklahoma City.  We taxied to the runway in Denver and had to taxi back to the terminal because of a problem with the cabin pressure.  We exited the plane and waited in a hallway/corridor area (for possibly an hour but we are not sure of how long it really was).  While there Terry started to chill and shake terribly and we had nothing but a couple light jackets to cover him with.  

We finally began boarding the plane again and the rigors continued. As we were out in the windy and chilly weather ready to walk up the ramp to the plane, one kind man in front of us noticed Terry’s condition and let us both board before him.  I asked the flight attendant for a blanket but she said there weren't any.  A kind gentleman behind me asked if Terry would like his jacket, but it has been so ingrained in my head that we not accept things like that from strangers (due to unknown health conditions of those strangers and Terry’s lack of an immune system) that I had to decline (but wish I hadn’t).  

Eventually the rigors faded before we reached Oklahoma, as did his stamina.

We got the rental car we had previously reserved and found that it wasn't a small SUV like I had requested, but a small Nissan Versa. Oh Bother!  I can't see well in those little vehicles (there isn’t enough window space so I see a little patch of road ahead and behind me, and a lot of car, including the rear view mirror right in my way).  Not wanting to be a bother we kept the car instead of making a stink about it. We asked for directions to Norman and the gal showed us a map and explained how to get there, telling us it was really easy, so we headed out to Norman OK.

As I was trying to get comfy in the drivers seat that was slanted too far back, I found that it wouldn't change position. It became more and more difficult to sit in but I just hoped we would be there soon and I’d try to fix that later.   We continued down the highway and came upon all these road change possibilities and found that we were already confused.  We couldn’t even tell which direction we were going or even wanted to go.  We got a few more miles down the highway and thought we must not be where we should be so we turned off the next exit to try and figure out where we were and how to get where we needed to be.  

Immediately there were no other vehicles on the ramp and the road was dark ... I mean dark. I could not see much at all.  And, if it was dark and we were all alone, who would be able to help us get where we needed to be?  It was then that I realized that my headlights were not on. Oh Bother!  I'm spoiled because the last few vehicles we've owned have the lights come on automatically when we turn on the car, but these did not and I didn’t notice it when we were around so many other lights.   I pulled over to the side of the road to figure out where the switch was, but it took me a while so I was glad that there was no one else on that exit ramp with us.

We found a parking lot so we pulled into it so we could look at the map and get my little pillow out of our luggage that was in the trunk (to use it on the back of my seat), but I could not get the trunk open.  The button on the key fob didn't work and we could find no button in the car to open the trunk, so I finally used the key itself to unlock it. (Side note: we had to park under a street light because we could still not find a light inside the car.)

We did see a large sign over the road that told us we were in Stockyard City but we didn’t know where that was on the map and where we go from there so we knew we needed to find some help. We saw a young man walking out of a restaurant and asked him if he could help us.  He gave us more directions and told us it was real easy.  

File:Oklahoma City OK Stockyards City Entrance Sign (Taken 20120926).jpg
image borrowed from here

So we headed on our way again but somehow ended up confused again.  This time we pulled off the highway to a Circle K.  The first view there was the security guard, with his long (not so clean looking) hair pulled back into a ponytail, standing outside, leaning up against the building, playing with his phone.  The building was an older building and had seen some abuse.  There were several attendants and several customers coming and going and we noticed how all of the people were dressed, or not dressed.  Finally I notice that everyone but the guard and one other person (who was Mexican) was black (which meant I was one of two white people around there), and all eyes were on me as I got out of the car (and I am really uncomfortable when all eyes are on me).  The combination of these things and the frustration already in my mind left me quite anxious but I continued into the store with map and pen in hand, in search of someone who could help us.

As I was walking in I was looking through the window, surveying my surroundings, wondering who was least busy and most knowledgeable, that I might choose to help me.   A young man (dressed quite normal looking) passed by and opened the door for me and asked if I needed directions.  I obviously said yes and asked if he knew directions.  He was confident that he did, and then kindly gave me directions, allowing me time to write them down and then told me it was really easy.  That is when I knew I was in trouble.   We had heard that a couple times before and it seemed to me that easy meant something different than I had originally been taught.

This kind man offered to let us follow him because he was going that direction, but I didn’t want to be a bother so I just repeated the directions back to him to make sure I had it right.  He then insisted that we follow him, so I agreed and went to the car while he finished what he needed to do in that store.  We saw him look for us to make sure we were still there, and in a couple minutes he came out and over to my window to let me know that he would get us on the right road and would wave us on when he needed to exit, and that we should just keep going as he directed and we would find Norman.

By the way, this man informed me that we were in Del City.  Finding it on the map made me realize just how lost we were.  But then, there is no Norman on the map, and no Stockyard City either, so how were we to know where we were and where we should be going?  We just know that Del City isn't in the right direction, and we think we can see where we may have taken the wrong exit. (It looks much easier on this map than when we are on the roads out there.)  I should have printed my own directions before leaving home, but didn't think of that at the right time.  Oh Bother!

This kind man got in his really nice small SUV (lucky guy) and drove slowly and carefully, making sure to not let any other car get between us and blinking ahead of time to let me know where he was going next.  It all seemed quite easy for a few turns until we came upon an area with three or four different options (by now, we have learned that that’s how it is in Oklahoma).  He took the first far left option and that is when we became most grateful for his help because we knew we would not have taken that turn and we would have been lost again.

We continued following him for a few miles and he rolled down his window, suggesting that we might pull up beside him, so we did.  He smiled and told us to continue on this road and we'd run right into Norman and that he would exit here, and then he said "See, black people are good people!" as he continued his way over to the right and off the highway.  Of course we agreed and I had to laugh at myself because it was then I realized how distraught I must have looked while walking into that Circle K.  

We continued down the highway and we did find Norman just as he said we would. I wish I had this young man’s name and address so I could send him a thank you note and gift, but instead I just pray that the Lord will take care of that for me. This man was our angel and we love him for that.


Our adventure wasn't over though. We saw our hotel and got checked in and settled in our room, and turned on the heater that filled the room with a terrible burn smell that in a minute had the fire alarm going off.  Oh Bother!  We just wanted to rest and sleep for the night.  We got that cleared up and got in bed ready for sleep at about 12:20pm.  What a day!

Next morning we were off to find Skyler and Lisa’s apartment.  And yes, the map made it look easy, even to me.  So we headed on our way down Lindsay St. to find Houston Ave., but when we got to the OU campus the traffic was being redirected.  We thought that should be easy too, because we could just take the next road over and continue on to Houston.  Right!   Well, it was campus and campus has no rhyme or reason to their streets.  Not only that …, but it was homecoming and people were everywhere and people were standing with parking signs in every directions trying to coax us to park in their area for a $20.00 or $10.00 fee.  We weren’t going to the game, so much to their disappointment we were not interested in parking in their lots.  We stopped to ask a few of those attendants where Houston St. was and no one knew, not even the college looking students.  Oh Bother!  We finally entered another street with “no outlet” so we called Skyler to find out which direction we should go next. 

We made our way back up to Lindsay St on the other side of campus and continued on our way to find him standing beside the street side so we would know where to turn.  We made it! 


It was interesting to note that our trip back to the airport was confusing too, but less of a problem.  We had written directions and street signs telling us where to go, but the two did not seem to tell the same story, so with what little knowledge of the area that we had previously gained we made it safely back to the airport with time to spare.  We were on our flight and headed home.

Oh Bother!  We were right in front of the air conditioning vent that was blowing out freezing air and Terry began to chill and tremble again. No blanket on that plane either.  My feet were still freezing cold a couple hours after that leg of the trip.

We were so happy to be in the comfort of our home when we arrived safe and sound Monday night.  We said hi to Anthony and we headed to bed.

I am reminded of a 1970's song with one phrase that fits well here - "The things we do for love!"
Yes, it was all worth it! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


No labs were required today since they took care of that Tuesday so we went straight to the third floor for transfusion today.   Terry received 2 units of reds and 1 of platelets.  He's filled up for the weekend!  

Inspirational and spiritual quotes from LDS General Conference (18)
image from LDS SMILE

complete message - Which Way Do You Face? by Elder Lynn G Robbins

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doctor Visit and Soccor Game

Our visit to the clinic Tuesday (Oct 14thwas a short one. We had lab work and doctor visit and then just one unit of platelets transfused. 

No red cell transfusion till Thursday:
RBC = 3.22(L)
HGB = 9.7(L)
HCT = 28.5(L)

Platelets = 5(LL)

We wish these counts could improve. 
WBC = 0.3(LL)
ANC = 0.0(LL)

Creatinine = 0.98(L)
This count has been low the last few visits.  He needs more fluid if it is high, so we went down to half a liter of infusion daily for a week or two until we left for California when he had no hydration for those four days other than all the water he could drink.  The count remained low so we are no longer having to infuse saline each day until further notice.   We don't see this as a good thing, but in fact, the lower number now represents loss of muscle mass. 

We are trying to work on protein counts ...

With only one unit of platelets transfused, we were out of the clinic in good time today which meant we were home in time for Auger's soccer game.  It was the last of the season and we hadn't made it to any of them yet.  Here we are with this awesome family.


It has been awhile since I have had little children to watch like that and I had forgotten how fun it is to watch them play a sport at that age.  It was fun!

We had some fun on the swings too.

We also got a surprise visit from Shawna ..., we were playing in her back yard (or the park behind her yard), so she walked over to watch and visit. 

It was a good day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Visit

Have you seen a pomegranate tree?  I know I have seen this tree before, but it just seemed to draw me in this time when I saw it and I decided I needed a photo of it.  This tree lives in the back of our oldest sons yard.  Terry and I went to visit his family this weekend and we had a lovely time. 

This is what I really wanted to see out in the yard - these four awesome grandchildren of ours.

We went to watch Brayden's football game Saturday.  Go Team!

Terry and the boys reading a book Sunday morning before church.


Here are the girls Sunday morning.

Sunday was a special day!  We sang the opening hymn (#98 I Need Thee Every Hour) in Sacrament Meeting and we heard little angels singing a few rows behind us.  It was such a sweet sound and it touched our hearts.  We sat in on the primary program practice during Sunday School and heard Ethan give his part and sing his heart out - so awesome.  Terry went to Priesthood and I stayed to see and hear the rest of the practice.  It wasn't long before I heard another heavenly choir.  It was a male choir singing a capella in the background.  The men were singing their opening song (#2 The Spirit of God) and it too touched my heart and will remain a wonderful memory.  I saw Tawnee and Brayden give their parts and was so proud of how they got right up there and said it with ease and conviction.

There was something else that made this day special - Gregory was released as Elders Quorum President and sustained and set apart as the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric.  We know that he will fulfill that calling well and that the Lord will be pleased.  He is a good man.  Terry was able to ordain Gregory a High Priest and stand in on that setting apart. 

Monday was our last day there and our flight was in the early evening so we went to the Phoenix Arizona Temple open house.  It was beautiful ... a perfect place to be with our family.   This is our view as we rounded the corner.  Lovely!

We parked in the Wet and Wild Water Park parking lot where they had charter buses driving the guests to and from the stake center and temple grounds, which was only a five minute drive. 

This visit to the temple was a special part of the weekend for me as we came into view of each of the rooms inside the temple and I could feel the eternal joy that is ours because of a choice Terry and I made over 34 years ago to go to the Idaho Falls Temple to be sealed for time and eternity.  We are an eternal family!  I must also say that the artwork in the temple was beautiful too.  Many of those beautiful pieces spoke to our heart and soul, each in it's own way.  I wish I could have taken pictures of them.

Here we are:


We are so happy to have had this opportunity to go see this lovely family and enjoy the weekend together, making memories.  They are all AWESOME!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

medical report

Today's transfusions included two units of red cells and one unit of platelets.  

Doctor visits included an added sinus scan and visit to the ENT to try to help Terry with this sinus issue. No news on that yet, as we are waiting for tests to be done.

As for the bone marrow biopsy report - we can give no report today, it will still have to wait.

We're keeping it short and sweet today, and closing with one of my newest pinned quotes:

Jeffrey R. Holland

"In the gospel of Jesus Christ you must never forget that when disappointment and discouragement strike ... you remember and never forget that if our eyes could be opened we would see horses and chariots of fire as far as the eye can see riding at reckless speed to come to our protection."  Jeffrey R. Holland

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Weekend!

We really enjoyed  General Conference this past weekend!   

Wonderful messages  ...
I don't even feel like saying much about each or all of the messages, I just want to let them continue to live on in my heart and mind and then work harder to live the principles that we were taught.  I am now just so anxious to get our printed word.  ;)  Until then, I'll refer to where I can find and listen to each of these Oct 2014 messages again and again as desired.

We are blessed to have such wonderful opportunities to hear from inspired men of God.  Our souls rejoice and are filled with love from our Savior and Father above.   Now we must put their good words and our spiritual promptings to work to bless us as individuals, families, communities, and as a world. 

We will find more PEACE on earth as we do so. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dr. Visit

We set out for the clinic early Friday morning for a 7:30am lab appointment.  They took some blood and we waited for the results.  Terry's reds were up a bit but his platelets were not so good, I think at 3.  (We didn't get a copy of the report and I can't remember all the numbers.)

They decided on one unit of platelets so we got done at about 11:40am.  We had lunch and headed home. 

We have an appointment Tuesday (same time) and we'll get to meet with the doctor for the results of the biopsy.  WE ARE PRAYING!!!!

Well, it is the Halloween season so this quote seems appropriate for today:

found on pinterest

"While you were busy judging others you left your closet open and your skeletons fell out." 
;) kinda scary huh!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I took the opportunity to donate blood at the blood drive in Royal City on Thursday.  This was a new experience for me - I was a first time donor and it was a good experience.  I've thought about giving blood several times in my life but never have actually done it.  This time was different - the need for donated blood has never been so real and personal in my life.  It was a personal goal I needed to accomplish and I am glad I was able to.    

I am grateful that I had this opportunity to give and share with others in need.  Even though I am just one I MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  It feels good!  Each donor made a difference that day as they gave their blood to bless a life or two or three. 

I know that there are many people that are dependent upon donor blood to stay alive, and I am grateful for all who shared that day.  I am grateful that others have shared and provided the much needed blood for Terry the past several weeks and even occasionally through the past several years.  I am grateful for those who's blood he will receive as needed in the future.

There is no substitute for human blood and there is no substitute for kind donors who give and share blood so that others may be blessed ... and live.   So on behalf of Terry and all of our friends and acquaintances who need blood, and all others I've never met but need blood, we say


I am aware that there were some who came to donate, but for various reasons could not.  We THANK YOU too!  Each volunteer made a difference!  Your kind and unselfish desire and efforts will not go unnoticed by our loving Father and our Savior above.

He knows His sheep! John 10:14


One pint of blood can save up to three lives.
image from here

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Donate Blood!

Just a reminder:
Blood drive tomorrow - Thursday at New Life Church in Royal City.
10:00am to 7:00pm

image from here

(FYI - I'd like to scratch out the word Better and replace it with Great)