Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Weekend!

We really enjoyed  General Conference this past weekend!   

Wonderful messages  ...
I don't even feel like saying much about each or all of the messages, I just want to let them continue to live on in my heart and mind and then work harder to live the principles that we were taught.  I am now just so anxious to get our printed word.  ;)  Until then, I'll refer to where I can find and listen to each of these Oct 2014 messages again and again as desired.

We are blessed to have such wonderful opportunities to hear from inspired men of God.  Our souls rejoice and are filled with love from our Savior and Father above.   Now we must put their good words and our spiritual promptings to work to bless us as individuals, families, communities, and as a world. 

We will find more PEACE on earth as we do so. 


Tyler said...

I asked Dallin the other day how his back was doing because I can usually tell when he is hurting. He said, I'm fine. My first thought was he is just like Terry. Sending prayers and love.
The Larson family

The Stanley's said...

Thinking of you today.... and we keep praying. --The Stanley's