Friday, October 3, 2014

Dr. Visit

We set out for the clinic early Friday morning for a 7:30am lab appointment.  They took some blood and we waited for the results.  Terry's reds were up a bit but his platelets were not so good, I think at 3.  (We didn't get a copy of the report and I can't remember all the numbers.)

They decided on one unit of platelets so we got done at about 11:40am.  We had lunch and headed home. 

We have an appointment Tuesday (same time) and we'll get to meet with the doctor for the results of the biopsy.  WE ARE PRAYING!!!!

Well, it is the Halloween season so this quote seems appropriate for today:

found on pinterest

"While you were busy judging others you left your closet open and your skeletons fell out." 
;) kinda scary huh!

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