Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doctor Visit and Transfusion

Terry had an appointment with the oncologist today and was admitted for a red blood cell transfusion.  We were expecting this because he has had little energy the last several days.

The blood counts are once again similar to what they have been.  We are completely stopping the cyclosporine meds today but don't expect too much of a change from that.

It was a long day and we didn't get home very early, which means we are still hydrating for awhile longer this evening. 

Here is a little something to make this post a bit more useful since there wasn't much going on today -
"Spend your energy on things that make a difference." — M. Russell Ballard

His complete message can be found here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Doctor Visit

There really isn't much to report on with our doctor visits lately.  Today is no different - there is no great news or change of plan.  Terry is feeling the same as last week and the blood work is quite similar to last week. 

It would be awesome to give some great news about improvement, but there isn't any to give, however we can be grateful that there is nothing of the opposite taking place either. 

So, we continue one day at a time.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow,
it empties today of its strength.”

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

We colored eggs Saturday night -

and Terry shared the symbolism of eggs at Easter and Christ's Resurrection.

 We made a little paper bag nest for Akleigh and Auger to take a couple eggs home.

We deviled several of the eggs for our Easter lunch.  Ironic isn't it - deviled eggs for Easter ...  ;)

And, can you believe that was the last photo I got of any part of the meal?  Sure you can, by now you are getting used to it.  However, before I went to bed last night I did snap this photo of the table ..., ready for Easter lunch after the food is ready and guests arrive.

(The flowers were given to BJo and Tawnee for helping at a reception, so they fit perfectly on our Easter tablescape.)

What a beautiful day!   Our church meetings were great and we enjoyed some family time.  Auger and Akleigh got a kite in their Easter basket and had some fun flying them.  It was a beautiful day!

We are ever grateful for our loving Savior and His Sacrifice, Atonement and Resurrection. We are grateful to know of our Heavenly Fathers Plan and have the blessings in our life that come from obedience to the principles and ordinances of the gospel.

We believe that through the
Atonement of Christ,
all mankind may be saved,
by obedience to the laws and
ordinances of the Gospel.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doctor Visit

We had a visit with the doctor today.  There isn't really any news - things are about the same.
So, we just keep on keepin' on!

Our thoughts and prayers are focused on Turner's health at the moment - he will have his operation tomorrow morning (Wednesday 16th).  (Brandon and Megan's blog gives more info about his health for those who might be unaware of the condition.)

He looks like a sweet little guy from here and I am anxious for my turn to hold him. ;) 

(from Megan's facebook post)
Turner is out of surgery and doing well. They only had to take a tiny portion of his colon out and he only has three small incisions on his abdomen that are the size of the end of a pen. He will be on pain meds for the next couple of days and then hopefully start eating and stooling on his own. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts! !!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Great News!

We are so very excited to announce that we have added another grandchild to our family. 

Brandon and Megan Hebdon are the happy parents of a sweet little boy

Turner Michael Rex Hebdon

born Sunday, 6 April 2014, 6:06am
8 lbs. 11oz., 21" long

We haven't seen him in person but we have seen photos of him and we can see that he fits our family.  It is always amazing how I can see a photo of our new grandchild and have that feeling that he or she fits and feel a great amount of love for them before I even see them in person and hold and hug them.  One just knows!   It's a wonderful blessing of family!

We received this photo of Turner on Tuesday while we were in the hospital and Terry was receiving red blood cells. 

My first thought was what a sweet face and then immediately thought, "Oh, poor baby!  He is taped up and lines everywhere - he must be so uncomfortable."  I felt so sorry for him.  Then, after getting over his taped up hands I noticed the blue lumen or clave (as they call them at the clinic) and a smile came to my face and heart as I made the connection.  The next photo shows the connection - Terry was just across the room from me looking like this. 


You know how some people have the same eyes or nose or otherwise look just like their parent or sibling or grandparent?  Well, these two had the same life support system.   ;)     I love it!

Terry is a bit luckier since he didn't have to have the tube in his mouth and his hands all poked and taped. 

We welcome Turner to our family and look forward to sharing in his life, watching him grow, and loving him.  We will enjoy every moment when we can be together.  He is truly a blessing!

Don't they make an adorable family!?!?!

We are happy to share this special news with you, but want to point you in the right direction for more information about their family and Turner's health condition.   So we direct you to Brandon and Megan's blog (seen in the right column).

This week of Vidaza is complete!

Our Vidaza week complete!  Infusions went as well as could be expected.

Spring break is almost over and between the sickness, the appointments, the windy/cold weather and other things that kept coming up, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, including spending quality time with family.   It's a good thing the end of spring break doesn't mean it's the end of my opportunities.  :)

This is actually the life we are used to at this point so it's nothing foreign to us, it just slows us down a bit and gives us more to look forward to. 

We have enjoyed the blossoms in our yard the last couple weeks.

I didn't get a photo of the weeping cherry tree this year while it was in full bloom but a few white blossoms can still be seen on it behind the fence.  I am loving the pink tulips that are beginning to come out.  I especially like them with the yellow daffodils.

We are still enjoying the daffodils for a few more days but can tell they are beginning to fade away.

 The blossoms on the almond tree are thick and lovely to look at, especially next to that beautiful blue sky.

What a beautiful world we live in!

Life is Good!

(Okay, I've gotta get up and going ... just stopped for a quick update ...  Have a great day!)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Quick Report

4 Vidaza down (it went well today), 1 to go.

Now if we can all start feeling better - we are all suffering from crummy colds.

Happy Day: Frog
from here


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Doctor Visit

Red blood cells were low yesterday, so we stayed for a red cell transfusion after the Vidaza infusion (leaving the hospital around 4:00pm).  Chemo is given on the 4th floor in the chemo room, but the blood product is given on the 3rd floor in the hospital room, so we spent several hours in a large room with nice windows allowing the sunshine to enter.  Terry got a bit of rest and I got a bit of reading done, but neither of us were very comfortable. 

It was a long day (arriving at the hospital at 9:00am, after Terry helped pour cement around the south of the house), but we are hoping that Terry can feel a bit more energetic now.  Sometimes he does and sometimes he can't tell much difference, so we'll see how this one goes.

2 Vidaza down, 3 to go! 
I'm sorry it's spring break this week and we aren't with the kids as much as we'd hoped to be.  We are praying that this Vidaza treatment is doing the job it's supposed to be doing so it will all be worth it.

FYI - We had to pour a little cement out at one of our fields and since we had to pay a minimum price we decided it was a good time to do this section by the house.  It turned out perfect as far as the amount we ordered.  We made a small patio area from our deck to the garage door and a sidewalk around the back to the parking area.  I am so looking forward to not having to weed that area again.  :)   Now we have some deep tire marks in the lawn we will have to fill in and make right again, but there was no other way to do this.  The cement truck came at 6:30am and Terry was out there helping until it was time to leave for the appointment, then the boys finished it. 

Happy Spring Day to all!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Medical Report

This week starts Vidaza infusions again ...

one down four to go ...

Family Fun!

Here are a few more photos of our fun with family ...
The kids love the bike run ... that is what I call the cement sidewalk around the swing box ... the swing box is just a bunch of gravel in an area where the swing is.  ;)

There is a tether ball pole in the swing box too.  It hasn't had a ball on it for a long time, but I had one stored away for just the right time, and this was just the right time. 

They had a lot of fun with it.


They loved the trampoline too.

We had a lot of fun together.

All of us!

We missed those who were unable to be with us, but we enjoyed those who were here.   We love it when family comes to visit.  We'll do it again sometime! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Doctor Visit and Family Time

We traveled with Gregory and Adena and family for our doctor visit this week.  They did some shopping while we were at the clinic. 

After our appointment Terry and I walked from the clinic to Target and it brought back memories of walking to and from the clinic in Seattle.  It wasn't so long ago that we were doing that almost daily.  It felt good to be out in the air and getting a little walk.  I don't do that enough at home.

As for the medical news - nothing really new to say.  The blood counts are all quite similar to last week so the only change in medication is the anticipated reduction of cyclosporine again this week.  We are now at 125mg twice daily.  I may have mentioned last week that this was the medication that makes Terry quite shaky.  Because of that we are glad to cut it back, even if it is little by little.

We had more family over for dinner and visiting and enjoyed our day. 

 Maddie found the cereal ;)  Isn't she darling?!?!?!

Fun Times Together!  I love to see our little grandchildren playing so sweetly together.  It's Awesome!