Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Brian R!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look What We Found In Our Email

Chase is far right, back row. He looks good!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Rituxan...hopefully

Terry had his fourth, and hopefully final Rituxan infusion today. We sure hope these help.
He also met with the doctor. Dr. Smith was on vacation, but he saw Dr. Tucker. It's hard to tell with one such visit, but he seemed like a good doctor too.
Terry's counts are:
WBC = 2.8
Neutrophils = 1.8
Platelets = 71
None of these are normal, but none of them are really terrible either, so we're good. (We don't remember the RBC, but they were about the same, still not normal, but not terrible either.)
No additional medical report is expected until the first of August - we have next week off unless we have a problem.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Preserving Memories

"A birth certificate shows that we were born.
A death certificate shows that we died.
Pictures show that we lived!"

The preserving of memories and history is something that I am somewhat passionate about. I love the focus it puts on families...together forever. This preserving started years ago in the form of scrap books for each of our children and has evolved into publishing of a different sort.

After many years of scrap booking the same photos of our reunions, vacations, and histories for 10 different scrap books I decided that placing photos and info just once then printing that collection 10 times was easier. The time saved seemed worth the extra few dollars. I still do both, scrap booking for each of my children still at home and occasional book publishing for all of my children.

I've learned a lot about creating books and look forward to learning more. I'm definitely hooked and so grateful for these companies. They provide a great way to preserve memories.
I've decided to share what I have learned, just in case someone else might be interested. It is my opinion that each has their place in the book creating market. I've listed them in the order that I learned of and used them.

Heritage Makers - A great selection of book sizes, cards and other products, backgrounds and clip art. Pages can be created as desired with any size photo and clip art. No two books will have to look the same because of a huge selection of paper and clip art. Start with a blank page and make it what you want. They also have some templates available if desired. My favorite book to create from this company has become the wedding guest books - no other company can compare for this type of book.
pros = greatest opportunity for creative expression.
cons = expensive, requires membership fees.
I will continue using Heritage Makers for guest books and other books/cards needing the paper/decor available in this company.

Shutterfly - After using Heritage Makers and having the freedom of ... well, everything, this was really hard to use. If I had started here it might have been okay. But I was too limited and didn't enjoy it. Having said this, I must also say that the finished product turned out great, and the photos printed in this book turned out bright and clear. I couldn't put words and photos where I wanted and there was no clip art. I was too limited.
I used this site a couple years ago, so things might have changed since then - I haven't gone back to try again.

Blurb - This is awesome! It allows you to slurp things from your blog (words and photos) into a book and then make changes and additions. A great "yearbook". The pages flow together (when there are too many words for one page it flows on to the next page) and photos can be added. Color can be used, but no clip art. Several sizes available and the finished product looked great. This is definitely a storybook type book which worked great for our Hebdon family reunion last year.
pros = slurping from blog feature, flowing pages.
cons = no clip art (but remember that isn't a bad things for some types of books).
I will continue using this company - I have a couple ideas for future books.

Mixbook - I liked the look of the book I created. Clip art is minimal, so unless I use a seasonal option my books would all have the same clip art from one to the next - that's not going to happen - each occasion/book needs it's own look.
pros = cheaper price, but good quality.
cons = small clip art selection.
Glad I used it this one time, and may use it again if creating a seasonal book.

Do you know of a different book creating site? :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Troy!

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday to Mom/Gelene!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday to Terry!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Because I have to say something ...

I apologize if you have been waiting for something to read here - I have not known what to post, though wished I could each day. There will be many things left unsaid even now, but please know right off, that we appreciate all the kind words and deeds from so many friends. That kindness is helping Idris through this difficult time in her life.

This familiar quote has come to my mind often - "Two men/women can do anything as long as one of them is the Lord" - and we know that the Lord is carrying her/us.

We were able to have some of our children here with us and we love and appreciate each one of them. We missed those who were unable to attend and know how difficult it was to have such pressing matters that needed to be taken care of, and wishing more that they could be here with us. We look forward to our upcoming wedding when we will gather again and to the 16th of August when Chase will join us again for a short time before heading out for two years.

Life is still happening around us, even when death is so near. We are ever grateful that our Savior has taken the sting of death away, making it possible for each of us to live again. Not only the sting of death, but of all pain and suffering of any sort. The Lord Is My Shepherd, and I know He knows His sheep. I feel His love. It is a love different and even more sustaining than any earthly love. It helps carry us through...

And, I just want to say - I have an awesome husband! He was helping me through rough waters when he needed help too. I have seen before that even in his weakest state, he is a strong man. If I may say so myself - I chose well! I look forward to eternity with him!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Infusion Day

Terry's visit to the doctor today was really just a day in the infusion room, receiving another Rituxan treatment. He is getting the "rapid" form of Rituxan which is stronger and less volume, taking only a couple hours instead of twice that. The stronger dose seems to make him feel worse - more aches and pains and joint/mobility issues. (Maybe other things too - keep in mind I am sharing from my perspective). Hopefully that also means that it's working harder to correct the problem.

There was no lab work or doctor visit, so we have no report for that until next week.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Terry's medical report and a Surprise

This was a long day, and I don't remember the counts. But, Terry did have to have a Neulasta shot because his Neutrophils were so low and the doctor wanted to get them on the rise again, especially for this upcoming week with family.
The Rituxan infusion went well, in spite of the many hours spent in the clinic. There is often a hurry up and wait feeling there.
We did some shopping, and stopped in to see Idris and came home to a great surprise - our power was out. Okay, that isn't the surprise I was talking about. When we walked in the door (it may have been about 8:45 pm) we couldn't see too much around us, but were thrilled to have Auger come and welcome us home. After giving him a hug there was a little gal that wanted to come give me a hug too. Wow, who was visiting and so friendly? It was Tawny, then Brayden, then Adena and Ethan. We were so excited and thrilled to see them. What a pleasant surprise!


This post is long over due, yet has been attempted many times.
This loss our family is going through right now has also left me at a loss for words.
My hope was to convey the feelings of my heart, but I'm sure I cannot even come close.
I do believe that some things are better left unsaid. But there are some things that do need said - I just don't know how to say them.
Terry, however, can put words together very poetically, and has done so on this occasion. So it is his words I chose to share with you who read this post, and it is dedicated to the one we love...

Keith Auger Hebdon
17 December 1921 - 5 July 2011

Blessed Parting

An expeditious passing
Can be a fortuitous thing,
It diminishes the pain and anguish
That protracted illnesses bring.

The finality of the death though
Certainly hits the heart.
But what concludes in one place
In another gets it’s start.

That’s what happened to grandpa
Or dad or however you call his name.
That’s what will happen to each of us
The process is the same.

So the theater of life goes on and on.
The players come and go.
From God back to God,
The Savior made it so.

There is one personal thought I wish to share - Though we wish for a loved one to not have to suffer and struggle for too long, we are grateful for the time that Keith spent in the hospital. This was a time of closure, allowing loved ones to draw closer to him and show a tenderness that was so needed in our hearts as one leaves this earth.

We are ever grateful to our Father in Heaven for the many blessings He has sent our way. Though there is sorrow, there is greater joy in the fact that Families Can Be Together Forever. We pray that ours will be so, and know that it can be as we strive to follow our Savior.

Services are Tuesday, 12 July 2011
Viewing 1:00 pm
Funeral 2:00 pm

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Adena!

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday Thaoe!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Birthday to Me; Elaine :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


Terry and I went to Kadlec to see Keith. We spent several hours there and learned a few things. I'll try to share what we observed.

We watched the physical therapy he had, which consisted of arm and leg movement and trying to sit up and stand up. It was interesting to see his movement, because for the most part, he just lays in bed and doesn't move a muscle. When asked, he did slowly lift his arms, etc. He showed great strength when asked to hold his arm (or feet, etc) when the doctor put pressure on it. The therapists moved his legs over and off the bed for him and helped him sit up. He needed someone to be there, but did help hold himself up as he sat there for a minute or two (or however long it was). They also pulled him to a standing position. He didn't stand straight and tall, but he was on his feet. It didn't take long before he began to lower himself to sit again. They got him back in bed and he had a good nap after a hard workout. We were all encouraged by his efforts and by the therapists words after his session. They have high hopes for him.

He keeps his eyes closed most of the time, and his communication skills are quite limited, so we didn't converse much. He did try to speak a couple times, but we could not tell what he was trying to say. Of course, we can think we hear a word here or there, but who really knows when it's so jumbled up. We know that he really wanted to say something a few times, and it hurts me to not understand and be able to respond in a manner that he might expect. A couple times throughout the day he seemed wide awake and that was a pleasant time for all. He raised his eyebrows several times in play with Idris and others a time or two, which was a fun and exciting thing to see. He can slowly nod his head when asked a question.

He does not feed himself, and continues to eat small amounts, slowly, and all the food is soft food because he has a hard time swallowing. Even the fluid he drinks is thickened to help it go down better.

Someone (family) stays with him round the clock so they can be there just in case he has a need. The nurse says that often times the patients in this condition need someone there to help calm them, especially through the night when they wake up. The rooms are equipped with a pullout bed for guests, making that a bit easier than it sounds.

We don't yet know what the future holds in store for him, other than therapy everyday for awhile, but things are improving slowly. We got a call last night after leaving, and were told that Keith said the name of each of his children...though we are certain it wasn't completely clear. Progress is slow, but it is taking place.