Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Did It Go?

Many have wondered how the treatments have been going for Terry this week. Well, we are happy to have no more daily traveling for awhile:) Terry doesn't seem to be into blogging like I am (Elaine), so I get to tell it how I see it. I should ask him, but he is asleep. The hardest part might have been the first day when they couldn't put the mid line (or whatever it's called) into one arm, so had to try on the other arm. I know that was the hardest part for me to handle. Or, maybe it was when he couldn't sleep one night, or when he was so tired the next evening from not sleeping the night before. Then again, maybe it was the end of the week when he seemed to be feeling the effects accumulate and was just feeling icky. Over all, it was a good week. Each treatment took only an hour or so - maybe an hour and a half by the time it was all said and done, except for the first one when they put the line in his arm, and Wednesday's treatment when we had to wait longer to get into the infusion room than it takes to get that infusion. He had no pain or major discomfort, no throwing up, no back pain or trembling, no exhaustion thru the week, and was generally well thru it all (I am comparing this treatment to the past treatments, which were not so pleasant at all). The wonderful thing is that the lymph nodes are already shrinking. So amazing! It's awesome to feel and see the improvement, even after the first treatment. I reached over and put my hand on his neck the first night and was sure that I felt a difference. I would never believe it if I didn't feel it myself. When I noticed it I wonder if I was making it up because I was wanting it for him so bad. But, then the next day it was even a little better. It wasn't major changes, probably no one else could tell, but it was noticeable changes for us, and we hope that it just keeps on happening that way. He is done for the week and will have three weeks off before starting up again. He will have lab work and a doctor visit before beginning his next round on January 12th. We will report again after that visit.

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