Monday, January 26, 2009

A Busy Week!

The first full week after Terry's chemo treatments is now complete. It was a better week than the week after his first set of treatments in December, so we are grateful for that.

He's been truckin' right along trying to get the cabin in better shape. The kitchen floor is safe now. No rotten wood to fall through. The windows are all in, except for the bathroom window (that window is a bit tricky and we haven't decided what we are doing there yet). We do still need to put trim around them all, but they look really nice.
We had a big day planned for Saturday. We were going to take out all the carpet and pad and burn it, but snow was falling and we could not do so. The snow didn't stop the window project though. Terry and Thomas kept right on working.
We still have a lot to do, but we see progress all around us now.

BrittanyJo had two games this week. They lost their first game by 6 points and then won their second game by 17 points. They are learning a lot, and will continue to improve.

Anthony has been playing basketball too, and enjoying it. We are also trying to work on his scouting because he only has a few months left to earn his Webelos badge and many activity badges.

Of course, Connor has been playing basketball too. He has been playing with the JV and C squads this, his Freshman year. His experience with basketball last year was much more enjoyable than this year seems to be, but that happens sometimes.

Chase has chosen no winter sport, but did participate in the high school play in December and he really does enjoy band. Someone asked him what sport he played and his response, with a smile, was, "the trumpet".

I, Elaine, had to give the Gospel Doctrine lesson Sunday. I always feel so inadequate, but at the same time, grateful to learn as I study for it. This lesson was about the events leading up to Joseph Smith finding the Gold Plates and then receiving and translating them, and the blessings that come from reading and studying the Book of Mormon. I have grown to love that book and recognize it's goodness. There is no greater book! It truly blesses our lives. Here is a bit of info I just read in the Ensign - In 2003, Book magazine named the Book of Mormon one of the "20 Books That Changed America.

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