Monday, August 10, 2009

Rodeback Family Reunion

THURSDAY was our first day, hanging out at mom and dad's, sharing time together, holding babies (BJo & ),

playing bocce (dad, LeeAnn, Brian, Terry, Chase),

decorating a pinata (Davis)

(Amber and Davis),

watching the neighbors colt (Kendal, TraciAnn, Amber & Adyson),

enjoying the fresh corn (Brooklyn)[many thanks to our friends for allowing us to pick and take some with us to share with our family!!!!! It was so delicious, even raw :)]


the kids enjoyed some fun with water balloons, but it was cold enough that it didn't get wild (Kendal, Shawnee, Zach, BJo),

They got some pretty big ones (Anthony, Kaden),

We also went to the church for dinner and to play some ball (Connor shooting),

enjoy some Karaoke, or at least singing together,

maybe we didn't know this song too well...

Anthony with the microphone,

tie-dyed t-shirts,

breaking the pinata,

dad controlling the pinata,

finally, we had to get a big kid in there to hit that candy out of there (Darryl),

candy and toys went flying everywhere and kids scattered for their loot,

That concluded our first day of family reunion, and what a great day it was!!!!

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