Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Wrapped Gifts!
More Creating! (Shhh! It's still a secret till tomorrow :)
Trying to not get to anxious to begin opening gifts.
Watching the clock - more anxious to talk to Michael.
Terry and Anthony even spent a little time working on the deck.
Watching Christmas shows.
Still enjoying the day.

Our visit with Michael was great! It's hard to put into words the joy one feels about how they feel as they visit with their missionary son. There is great joy!
He had an enjoyable time playing Santa Christmas morning.
It's a most interesting and unique Christmas for him. They don't really celebrate because they are not a very Christian country. All businesses and schools were open as normal. But, come new years day they will really have a big blow out, and maybe for days.

We opened a few gifts, including our traditional pjs. I did a great job this year with getting the correct sizes :) - the pants are all good, but the older boys shirts are all tooooooo big. Gangsta style! :) Great memories huh?!?!?!?

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