Sunday, May 1, 2016


I have wanted to post about this, but I couldn't ever find the right words to say.  I'm afraid that I will not say it the right way, or leave something important unsaid.
However, now I am beginning to fear that there is too much left unsaid and that is worse, so here is my attempt to share what took place at our house on one splendid weekend in April. (15th-16th)

I received a call from my parents saying that they had heard about my brother telling me he would paint our exterior house walls.  He had visited several weeks earlier and offered to do it - I agreed, telling him I'd much rather pay him than someone else.

My problem was that I would need to get it prepared and I was not certain how I was going to accomplish that task, but I don't recall sharing those concerns with him.  Well, my parents asked if they could come and look at things and help me get an idea of what needed done.  That visit sounded wonderful, and of course I agreed.

They came Thursday evening (14th April) and seemed almost in a hurry to get things started.  I tried to get the doors I wanted to have replaced before painting, but there were some unforeseen problems with that and I didn't get it done.

After seminary Friday morning I was feeling a bit stressed that I hadn't gotten things done for them and yet I was still in my "I just don't care" frame of mind.  I'm embarrassed to admit that has been my frame of mind for a few months now.

Well, I was outside with my parents when Brian, my brother from Wenatchee, walks out of the house to the back, where we were.  A couple steps behind him is Thaoe, my brother from Moses Lake.  Something was up!

I learned that they were there to work on my house that weekend.


Then I learned that they weren't alone.  Soon there would be more coming to help - My sister, LeeAnn, and her husband, Brian.  There were nieces and nephews with their families coming.  And my children who lived in the area would be there as well.

I was overwhelmed!

I wasn't prepared.   I had no idea!

But guess what?  No problem - they were!

Brian had talked with Thomas and they had been planning this thing for a couple weeks.  They were going to scrape and caulk and tape and prepare for painting.  We had several people Friday and more came on Saturday.

I was concerned about food and paper plates and .....   

No worries!  They had taken care of that too.
Thomas had asked me if I would want to grab some hot dogs and hamburger patties for when my parents would come.  I said that would be good and we could invite other family members over too.  But, as I have said before, I was in an "I don't care" mood and I never did do it.  Whatever!
Well, not to worry.  Thomas told Brian and Brian told LeeAnn, and LeeAnn took care of it for me.  I happened to find out about that when I saw a piece of paper she had with my name written beside those items.  So, promptly I paid for those items that I had neglected to purchase.  MY BAD!  But they had my back! They were watching out for me!

And my dad also mowed the lawn.

BrittanyJo had done some cleaning inside the house, and changed sheets on the spare bed.  She has always helped out with things so why would I wonder what she was up to?
I never suspected a thing.  This was indeed a surprise.

And - everyone else knew about it but me.  However, I began to hear about times when people thought they had said something that gave it away.  I guess it should have, and I could see that it should have as I thought about it after the fact, but I have been brain dead and this is proof that I still am - it never did make me suspicious at all.   OH BOTHER!    I didn't know my kids could keep secrets so well.  But, then again, they didn't think it was that well kept, so again - MY BAD!



I don't recall a time when my parents and siblings have gotten together to do such a service for someone, but then, there has never been a situation like this up to this time either.  I am sorry that the circumstances are what they are, and I wish they weren't, but I am so grateful for loving family.  They saw a way to help and they came to my rescue.  It wasn't just a good idea -  they acted on that good idea and it became a good deed.  This was no easy task and there were aching bodies the next few days.  I thought I had hired Brian, but somewhere along the line, he decided payment for this task was not acceptable.

I am so grateful for each one who helped make this the wonderful weekend it was. Surely the Lord is pleased and can say to them - Well done, thou good and faithful servants..., in as much as you have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto Me!

I see love in the color of my house, even though it is called Dusty Lead.  :)  Maybe it should be Lovely Lead or Dusty Love or ???

I loved the color when we chose it, but I love it even more now.


This fact remains -


PS - we had almost 50 people here, but half of those were little children.  Still impressive!


Ellen said...

I am so impressed and happy to learn of this wonderful gift. It is beautiful just like your family and I love them so much for accomplishing such a great service. Thank you, as always, for sharing. I keep telling myself I need to start a mission blog. Seems hard to believe we've been in Alaska 6 weeks already. Tell everyone hello and remember how much I love you!

Becky Noftle said...

That's great! Looks like dusty lead is a LOVEly color!

Louise said...

Bless them!! What a fun service project for everyone involved!!

Cecilia Hammond said...

A lot of amazing work was done on the house. My husband and I are looking into building our own home soon, wish we had such a great crew to help us do the job. Looks like you had an amazing time building that place up. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us they inspired us to do it.

Cecilia Hammond @ Pro Active Residential