Saturday, April 8, 2017

I don't remember to post things anymore, and my time seems to be spent on other things, but I just remembered that I hadn't posted about a special occasion in March, that really needs to be shared.

We have a new granddaughter!

Julie was born to Skyler and Lisa (in Oklahoma) on March 4th.
She joins her siblings, Claire and Todd, and her 14 cousins. (This makes 15 grandchildren for Terry and I - 8 boys and 7 girls).  

I haven't seen her yet, but I love the pics on their blog, and I love her. Interesting how that happens - just like that- just because they exist - we can love someone.  I will get to see her and her awesome family in a month.

Julie joins our eternal family, reminding me of how real life is and how important it is to learn and follow God's plan of salvation so that we may inherit the eternal blessings that await.  Life is precious and every minute counts.

Well, I stopped for a brief moment to write about this excitement, now on to the many things that are keeping me busy right now, like addressing envelopes and putting stamps on them and getting them in the mail, announcing the next big event in our family. (And that is a very small part of my long TO DO list, but it seems to be taking several hours.)
If you do not get an announcement in the mail in a few days, and would like one, please text, email, or call me with your address - I'm finding there are a few I do not have.

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