Saturday, July 4, 2009


A notion, a nation, a complete separation;
The former one, becoming now two.
With the U.S. independent from Great Britain
She could do as she wished to do.

The colonies going on their own, and alone
Was a prospect several did dread.
Most in favor, though a few were opposed
To the recent revolution and bloodshed.

But young and growing we started out,
With bandages on both of our knees,
Plowing ahead and plowing the ground,
And making homes from the fresh fallen trees.

The years went by, the work was hard,
And a problem was beginning to start.
A sickness then grew from down in our bowels,
Which spread to rend our young heart.

The North went free, the South was slave.
Abe Lincoln would even the score.
Could one man own another man? No!
Decided by our own Civil War.

More bandages were sorely needed
To heal the young nation thusly dealt.
The Yank and the Reb came together then,
No matter the difference once felt.

With conquering spirits the pioneers spread,
And invented, and overcame, and progressed,
And created a warm hospitable place,
To welcome and employ the oppressed.

Into open arms came the immigrants.
Each one from his past culture brought
A way of life and of being,
To form this great melting pot.

We too are the ingredients in this mixture,
Bringing to our nation, now more mature,
A diversity, an addition, and a compliment,
By each doing our part as before.

Now life's not as hard in many respects.
We can travel in less than an hour
What our father's past, toiled a day and a half
As they went by their own muscle power.

Our lives and jobs and businesses are blessed,
As we continue in this nation to grow
By the good deeds of others we remember today,
And may a deep gratitude show...

Not only today, but forever,
For those heroes, who in every way,
Assured that we, in peace, may assemble
To celebrate In-de-pend-ence Day.

That we too, recognize God in this land of ours,
A continuing blessing to give
To all of us who are the fortunate ones,
That in the U.S. get to live.

So a Patriot, a Citizen we must be proud to be,
An American, each one, through and through,
With love of God and of life and of land,
Independent, and free to be you.

Written by Terry, for July 1995 celebration.

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