Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Night at the Oscars

Here is BrittanyJo, Wednesday night, before we left for the Oscars (or the Young Women Evening of Excellence where they share some of the goals they have been working on).

Here she is being introduced.

With the Bishop, after receiving her Oscar award. (The cutest award ever - Mrs. Butterworths syrup jar, sprayed gold.)

After the event, with some friends - Charisty, BJo, Seila, & Becca. Aren't they beautiful!!!! Inside and out!


Kings said...

so beautiful! i love the dress!

Anita said...

How clever. Love the award! Such beautiful young women.
We had our YW in Excellence last night also. I was a bit sad though because it is our last one. It goes by too fast for me.

Brandon & Megan said...

She looks so BEAUTIFUL and she is growing up SO FAST! I am so glad that you posted pictures of this... it is so wonderful!!

Brandon & Megan said...

I love her dress too!! where did you find it?!

Terry & Elaine Hebdon Family said...

We borrowed the dress from Chriss Allred. Chriss has a lot of daughters that wore lots of different dresses, so we found one out of her closet. It fit her very nicely, but we were a bit concerned for how low it was in the front. We added the white at the top(front and shoulders)and it looked like it belonged there. We were pleased.

The Bruces said...

i love the dress!!! congrats bjo