Saturday, November 14, 2009

We Love Michael!

Michael sent us a memory card full of photos. It was fun to see them. There were many and I can't officially explain any of them, but want to share a few here. I decided to narrow it down to one each - person, place and thing. That's about the extent of how I can explain them. (I have since added some names to some of the photos because Michael has emailed and shared them with us.)

Yuki-kun - just got baptized that night.

The gate into the Shuri Castle.

We can certainly tell he is in the right place! :) But we knew that already!
He is still in Oroku, Okinawa.

Bonus Photo! This photo includes person, place, AND thing!

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Anita said...

What great photos! I think he is in the perfect place for him too! Especially when I saw the food. :)