Friday, April 6, 2012

#7 is Done

Terry's chemo treatment went well yesterday.
We hurried to another event last night so I didn't remember to post about it. I'm really trying to prepare everyone for next week.
Our appointment will be on Friday next week so that they can do a bone marrow biopsy to check those counts.
Before that though (Tuesday) Terry will have a CT scan. They are trying to see how this new chemical is working.

This week's blood counts were really the same ol' thing...

WBC = 3.1(L)
RBC = 3.70(L)
Platelet Count = 55(L)
Neutrophils = 1.1(L)
AST = 65(H)

So, we are definitely happy for the one normal, but it seems that we will never understand the other numbers ....
And if we can't understand them, we certainly can't explain them.

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