Saturday, April 21, 2012

Did You Know?

I haven't done so well at blogging and feel the need to inform you of a few things I might have neglected to share:

DID YOU KNOW that Chase is the RHS assistant tennis coach.
He is really looking forward to a great mission. Did you see that post earlier? He's goin' to Reno!

DID YOU KNOW that BJo is statistician for girls softball. She likes that, but would probably rather be going to stake dances or conferences.

DID YOU KNOW that we have been doing some moving and cleaning, and cleaning and moving lately. We (finally) got Keith and Idris' home cleaned. DID YOU KNOW that Thomas and Dana have moved their family into that home. (FYI - did you know that as per dad/Keith's request, we bought that home after he passed away.)
DID YOU KNOW that Michael and Tawnee just arrived today. They are back to Royal for a few months - going to live in our "log cabin" home that Thomas and Dana moved out of.

DID YOU KNOW that Skyler and Lisa are anxiously ... wait, we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of their daughter - next week hopefully. DID YOU KNOW that Lisa just graduated from college. Skyler is continuing his schooling at BYU-I.
DID YOU KNOW that Gregory & Adena are due in May and Brandon & Megan are expecting a baby in June.

DID YOU KNOW that Connor is graduating from RHS in ... oh wow! ... he has less than 2 months.
He is working after school at 21st Century.

DID YOU KNOW that Anthony has been helping his dad after school for several hours changing water and digging corrugates. It's been a great help. Terry has been trying to fix the lawn mower for the last couple weeks and he's done it! So, today Anthony got to mow the lawn. YEA!

DID YOU KNOW that today, April 21st is supposed to be a celebration day???? Yip! Today is T-731 ... though really, we've stopped counting. Two years ago today Terry got his stem cell transplant. We wish we could say that we are celebrating a "new birth" on this day, but the only way that will happen is if one of our children has a baby today. Transplant was not a success, so we'll have to find success some other way, place, time, etc.

There is probably something I forgot to mention...,
but mostly want to say that we believe ...

(FYI - all visuals are from google or HERE)

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