Saturday, July 12, 2014

Celebrating Royal City and a little about Terry's counts

We went to the Royal City community day parade this morning.  SUMMERFEST!

Anthony marched in the band, playing the drums - he is wearing white framed sunglasses, khaki shorts, and black and white shoes.

This guy got us wet!
And we thought he was our friend!  ;)

Hmm, I guess he is ..., it actually cooled the area nicely.  It was a warm day and this little sprinkle of water was refreshing.

Here is another friend - an awesome young man!

We missed a few other friends, but here is one more ...

We didn't stay for any of the other events because we have to be more and more careful with Terry's health since he has no infection fighting properties. His white blood cells are 0.1, and his absolute neutrophils are 0.0 - these numbers aren't small, they are non-existent.  We know what it's like to suffer from infections and we don't want to do that again.

The red blood cell count is not too bad since he gets transfusions twice a week.  This is what gives him more color too.

The platelets count went up slightly, from 2 to 6.  We were surprised that the doctor thought 6 was good enough and they didn't give him platelets Friday.  It used to be if he was under 10 he got platelets.  If he was going to have a procedure he had to have even more.  For his sinus operation last fall he had to have over 100, so they transfused platelets to get him there.   These numbers are still so low that we are always careful to make sure he doesn't fall or otherwise cause any bleeding, because it's not likely that it would stop if it began.

Lastly, Boston got his first taste of popsicle today. 

His grandpa got to feed it to him, and he seemed to enjoy it ..., wanting more.  Grandpa held him for the first time today too.  He tried to stay away from the babies while he had the infection, but he's free from that right now, so today was the day.  Both seemed to enjoy it.  ;)

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Mary said...

I am so in awe of you as a wife, mother, and woman. You are such a good example to all of us. Uncle Terry is such a kind man and so full of faith. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.