Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Connor's New Look

Connor had eye surgery (PRK/Lasik) yesterday so his new look is now glasses free.   Well, he isn't exactly glasses free yet, because he has to wear these dark sunglasses (doctors orders) to help protect his eyes in the day ...

and these awesome goggles to help protect his eyes when he sleeps (also doctors orders) .  --- Shhh! Quiet Please!   He is pretending to sleep here.  ;)  Just for me!  :)  

We'll have to catch him sometime without any glasses in a few days for a photo without glasses, but for now, this is his new look until his vision becomes clearer and his new look is completely healed.  

"Keep smiling .. it makes people wonder what you are up to."  ;)
image from here


Becky Noftle said...

Exciting! I

Ellen said...

That is awesome! Ellayne, Rich and Kristal have all had that done and love it..ellayne went to Spokane, Rich had his done in Denver, of course, and I think Kristal also went to Spokane but she may have had hers in Tri Cities. Happy healing Connor and enjoy your new vision free of glasses.

Louise said...

It must be the season for lasix surgery, I've heard of several this past week!