Monday, July 13, 2015


If I posted on Instagram this is what I would have posted there today -

I love looking out the kitchen window or family room doors to see this close to the yard.  And when we open the door or window we can hear the end gun and the gears of the circle when it moves.  It is a joyful sight and sound.

It is a piece of Terry and every time I see it in this position I recall times when Terry would have me stop what I was doing and come to the window to see this sight because it brought joy to our hearts. Even when I was deep into a project it was a good sight to see.  It was then, and remains to be, more than just a view out the window.

It is part of his legacy.  He homesteaded this corner of the world for us.
It is a piece of him.  
It brings me joy!

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