Thursday, July 30, 2015

Family Happiness

This last week we got to meet Rebekah!  We love her!  We all enjoyed having her with us ..., but I imagine that Chase was most thrilled about it.

Chase and Rebekah will be married next weekend and their open house will be August 29th.  Hope to see you then!

We also had a Rodeback Family Reunion this last weekend.  We feel that it was a success, thanks to the wonderful friends who shared their personal recreational facilities and family members who attend, assist and support in so many ways.

My parents and their children, minus one unable to attend and one who passed away as a child.

It was a united effort and we enjoyed our time together.

The days were a bit windy and cool, but we still had some great water fun.

Everyone echo'd Ethan's thought as they went down the slide - "That was intense!", "Awesome!", and "Totally Insane!!!!!"

We had a hay ride and toured part of the farm.

We had a talent show that was a fun addition to this years activities.

Evening activities included playing "night games" and a movie.

And, of course, there was food.

It was wonderful to be together with family.  Indeed we missed those not with us, but WE ARE FAMILY, and we love the great moments together ..., whenever we can get them.  We have made some great memories as we have gathered together and they are among our greatest treasures.  As usual, we eventually had to say good-bye, but our joy filled moments will linger on in our hearts and minds, as we live our way to eternity.

Our family is eternal!

Therefore, our happiness is eternal!

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Ellen said...

I love the beautiful way you express such great and tender moments in your family.