Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chase and Rebekah are Married!

SIX of our NINE children are married now - THREE more to go.  I am counting, but I'm not in a hurry.

Chase and Rebekah coming out of the San Diego Temple on that special wedding morning

It was lovely!

A few of our family and friends attended as the temple president sealed them. Beautiful words were spoken, wonderful advice given, love abounded, and the Spirit was strong.  And, they are married!

Getting boutonnieres on

This was another first for me - first wedding of our children after Terry's passing.  It was an emotional time for me but I felt love from above and knew that Terry was present. (I hope to someday be able to control these emotions a bit more, and I apologize to any who might feel uncomfortable because of my weakness.)  I missed Terry's physical body next to me, but I took his recommend with me and carried it throughout the temple so that I could have something tangible to see and feel and remind me that he is here with us at those special occasions in our lives.

the bride and her bridesmaids

Anthony and Chase  ;)  it was a warm day, but we had some fun in the sun

We had a wonderful luncheon at the Boaz home and then helped set up for the reception.
The mighty wind began blowing the decor around, but the atmosphere was so pleasant and inviting. It was a wonderful event that brought cheer and delight to our hearts.

Gelene and Ron Rodeback on the dance floor

Chase and Rebekah
leaving the reception

It really was a wonderful day!

It was hard for me to leave home and begin this trip Thursday morning (Aug 6th).  The best way for me to explain my feelings is that Terry is here in our home and I didn't want to leave him - there is a love that I feel here and a comfort and peace from above.  I know he is not here physically, but I recognized more than ever before that his presence is here, and it's visible in his personal items that he left behind.  I didn't want to leave it, but I did want to go to the wedding, so I had no other choice. I was grateful to find that peaceful spirit with us while we were away. I am learning in so many new ways that  We are Family, and We are Together Forever!

Shawna drove down with BJo, Anthony and I for the wedding day. We enjoyed having her with us.

We have been to five different temples for our six married children. Each temple is beautiful and meaningful. The most glorious part of each is the Spirit that is felt within it's walls and the ordinances that are performed by those with the proper authority, especially that of eternal marriage, making it possible for families to be together forever.

Chase and Rebekah were each a part of an eternal family and are now part of a new eternal family - each being linked together in love.  I am so happy that Rebekah has joined our eternal family - I love her!

in love forever and ever ...

I add these inspired words on Eternal Marriage, by Marion D. Hanks, to remind each of us of the importance of marriage.  (Click on the link to read the complete text, not included in it's fullness here - it's a great read.)

Wonderful promises are sealed upon a man and woman in temple marriage, and the realization of the promised blessings is related directly to their understanding and keeping the solemn commitments they make to each other and the Lord.
Those commitments in a temple are total and permanent—involving the whole person, as is, for the whole journey. Neither will remain as he or she is, of course; they will both grow and develop in a multitude of ways. But this marriage ceremony is without condition or reservation, save only the faithfulness of those who make it. On this solid foundation the newly formed family joyfully undertakes to learn how to live happily forever, to build a strong and loving union that will grow more wholesome and more glorious everlastingly.
Many new and enduring relationships spring into being with marriage—relationships all of which are vital to the happiness of the family.
For her, the words—sacred words—are wife, mother, homemaker, heart of a home; for him, husband, father, protector, provider, leader in his home in the warm spirit of the priesthood.
Together they enter a partnership, sharing and learning and growing.
They join their lives as companions in the special sense that married people do. Whether in the same room or a world apart, they are married twenty-four hours a day. They care about the whole person, the whole future of each other. With good humor and good disposition and genuine consideration of the needs of the other, they set out to make it a happy life. They laugh a lot and cry a little. They are warm and considerate and thoughtful: the note, the telephone call, the kind word, the sensitive response, the excitement of heading home to her, of having him come home.
Married people are sweethearts, in a special creative union, blessed with that powerful chemistry that draws two together, sometimes from next door, sometimes from a world away. This divinely designed power must be sustained by other qualities—by respect and loyalty and integrity—to be what it is meant to be. To be able to give oneself fully with confidence and trust, and to fully receive the other joyfully and gratefully—this is a blessing that grows in meaning year by year and forever.
And married people should be best friends; no relationship on earth needs friendship as much as marriage.
Friendship in a marriage is so important. It blows away the chaff and takes the kernel, rejoices in the uniqueness of the other, listens patiently, gives generously, forgives freely. Friendship will motivate one to cross the room one day and say, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean that.” It will not pretend perfection nor demand it. It will not insist that both respond exactly the same in every thought and feeling, but it will bring to the union honesty, integrity. There will be repentance and forgiveness in every marriage—every good marriage—and respect and trust.
And all these and other elements we are not able to mention eloquently declare that such a union doesn’t just happen.
So the need becomes clear for careful, thoughtful preparation, selection, and courtship. No one should be unwise enough to count on an across-the-crowded-room romanticized live-happily- ever-after marriage made without proper thoughtfulness, preparation, and prayer. Marriage is an everyday and every-way relationship in which honesty and character and shared convictions and objectives and views about finances and family and life-style are more important than moonlight and music and an attractive profile.
... heaven will be heaven for us because we know we will be there with the one we love the best ...

(I am looking forward to heaven!  I am grateful to have a bit of heaven in our home!)

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