Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy Anniversary to us!

We have had a great 29 years, and we look forward to at least that many more together.
Our big plans for this exciting day include going to a chemo treatment, and as I mentioned in a previous blog, we are happy to be able to do that. We'll have a great time today knowing that we are together still.

That in itself is interesting too, because we are grateful to know that even after this life is over for us, we will be together still. We joined hands across an alter 29 years ago in the Idaho Falls temple. It was then and there that we became husband and wife, a family, not only for time, but for eternity. Knowing that we are sealed together (with our children) forever is a feeling beyond what my simple mind can express. There is such a deep feeling of gratitude, overwhelming love and joy and peace that accompanies that knowledge.
Families can be together forever thru Heavenly Fathers plan!

I love you Terry! You are my everything! Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you for being mine now and forever!

I spent a few minutes writing more about how I love my children, their spouses and our grandchildren. I wrote of my love and appreciation for my mom and dad, my siblings, and grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. I included Terry's parents and siblings and extended family as well. Then I realized how much space I had taken up and decided to delete it all.
So now I just end with this -

I love my family! Thank you all for being there and for being you and for all you do!


Darin and Angie Smith said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful example to us all. Wishing you many more beautiful days.

Adena and Greg said...

Happy Anniversary! Greg meant to call but it somehow slipped his mind. We love you.

Jason and Kristi Ann said...

Happy Be-lated Anniversary. I remember your reception and how much fun it was. Love you guys. you are in our thoughts and prayers daily!!! Jason, Kristi Ann and kids

The Bruces said...

oh congrats you guys!