Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day...

I didn't want the St Patrick's day visual left at the top of my blog, (and it would have been because it was added as a gadget) so I had to delete it this morning.
It is still a good wish, so I've written the words here -
"May your pockets be heavy
and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you
each morning and night."
I hope you had a good one!
We tried something new this year. Terry and I had heard and seen a lot about corned beef and cabbage (it must be an Irish thing) and decided to try it out. We purchased our first corned beef ever. I found a recipe - the beef gets boiled and simmered for a few hours, then add potatoes and carrots, then cabbage. The veggies were the best part, the meat was okay too, but it just tastes different than what we usually eat. We ate it on green plates and drank from green cups. I thought about doing some other green food or drink, but I just didn't have time.
I had to leave for a Relief Society dinner so I missed the meal, but got to taste it when I got home. When I ask everyone how it was, they all reply something like this, "it was okay!". I guess BrittanyJo's reply was a bit different. The boys had a band concert that night too, so after Dana and I attended the RS dinner we went over to the concert and sat by BrittanyJo who said that dinner was good and that we should have it tomorrow too, especially the carrots. She is a sweet heart!
The meat is almost gone, but no one is begging for it again. It was fun to try. I wish I had a picture of it, but I didn't even get to dish it up for everyone.

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