Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RHS Band performance -
During half time at the football game Friday night. (My camera doesn't take very nice "night shots", but that is the only way we can use the camera at night, so I guess we are stuck with what we get.) This first photo has Connor at the right, still wearing his cast, but trying to play what he can on the sax.
This next photo is after the performance, as they were introducing the seniors. Chase is a senior this year, and it's the first year he has played the tuba/sousa phone (or however that is spelled). He does a great job.
Family gathering -
We had company come Saturday to join with us as we celebrated Skyler's return. They spent some time at the foos ball table. Connor, Aaron, Chase and Anthony.
Katelyn, Kenadi, Skyler.
We were joined by many other family members Sunday, and it was a lovely day. Spencer, Kalei, Amber (and surely Adyson is there too), Kamaile.

Let's see..., in this photo I think we have Linda and Troy, Jake and Conner, Kevin, Dana and Auger, Thomas, Chase and Kenadi, Portia and Jaden.

This photo includes Carter and Aubree.

Around the table we find Christopher, Brian, Ron, Gelene, and Darryl.

Here's Skyler! It's late Sunday evening and things are slowly unwinding.

We really had a great day and thank everyone who came to be with us on this special day. We love our family!

Other news -
Connor got his cast off and the pins removed. He is wearing a removable cast that was formed around his thumb and hand to help keep it from getting injured again. It is not completely healed yet, so we have to be very careful with it. He can remove the "cast" for showering and is happy to be able to let that hand/arm breathe, and, he got to finally clip his thumbnail!!!!!

Here are the pins for those who might be interested (they are sitting in a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the first photo, and in the second photo I set one on a notebook).
I measured this one and it was over 2 inches long.

The removable cast also allows Connor to move the thumb and try to get it into motion again. It doesn't move much, so some physical therapy is required. Luckily he can do this on his own unless it just isn't doing any good. We are confident he can do it :)
Here is the photo of his thumb. You can see the three reddish colored spots on his thumb (one to the left and two to the right), those are where the pins were inserted. He can hardly wait to be normal again!!! :) His skin is kinda icky right now.
Many thanks to the doctors for their knowledge and handiwork and helping us repair our bodies to almost as good as before! (I just wish we didn't have to wait an hour in the waiting room before seeing them.)

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