Friday, October 30, 2009

We're keepin' busy, so I'll take only a couple minutes to post this morning. Here are a few of the things we've been investing time in as of late:

Trying to take some pictures for Chase - Sr. Picture time!

Making blankets for a service project BrittanyJo has planned.

Painting the exterior of the house. This is about a year late, but the farm work is complete and this project needed done, so we keep hoping the weather holds out long enough for us to complete this project. We should get one coat on it all, but from there, we are not sure, it will probably be next year before we get the second coat on it.

Gregory and Adena came last night, so the fun has begun.
Here is (Uncle) Anthony and Tawny -

There's more coming up - we've got apple juicin' and Halloween, and more family time, and a special day dedicated to Auger (hope to see you Sunday!), so we'll post some more later.

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Katie said...

Your house looks great! I love the color...noticed it on Wednesday and thought, "wow, that was super fast, when did they do that?!?!" Glad you had time to get that project complete before winter :)

Have a fun weekend & Happy Halloween!!!