Thursday, March 15, 2012

One More Infusion of OFATUMUMAB

Today went well! It's a love-hate kinda thing!

They do their best to make Terry comfy ... at least until they come bug him for his vitals or for speeding up the drip.

WBC = 4.0(L) [normal is 4.5-11.0].
RBC = 3.92(L) [normal is 4.50-5.90].
Platelets = 51(L) [normal is 150-400].
Ab Neutrophils = 2.4 ! That's NORMAL! It hasn't been normal for a very long time - even with help from the Neupogin shots. [normal is 1.8-7.8]. That is what we celebrate today!

(The cute image is from HERE)

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