Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Up with the Count?

Those higher blood counts Terry had on Thursday didn't keep illness away. He had a terrible weekend - bronchitis that speedily progressed and flu-like symptoms that kept him miserable.

We got to see the doc today ... started on a prescription med ... hoping for improvement soon.

Results of today's blood draw (since we were in the clinic) amaze us.

RBC = 3.98(L)
Platelets = 57(L)
Ab Neutrophils = 3.7 NORMAL!

Can you believe that he is NORMAL in two counts? WOW! We like that.
It must mean something ...

but what?

Too bad the higher counts didn't keep him healthy! I guess when you have no immune system it's a bit tricky.

(Image of Count Duckula is from HERE)

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