Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nice Surprise at the Clinic

Terry seems to be tolerating the oral med, Revlimid.  At this point, he has had no terrible side affects because of it.

Usually the Rituxan infusion is an all day thing, but yesterday we had a nice surprise.  They decided that since Terry had done so well with his last dose, and previous doses a few months ago, they would speed up the rate.  They did so, and he accepted it fine.  YEA!  Happy Day!  
(We went for chemo Friday instead of Thursday this week because we wanted to attend a funeral of a friend/neighbor. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Allred family during this difficult time. We love them.)

Some of the side affects he feels from the Rituxan include:
1st and 2nd day - a red flushed face where he can feel a sort of heat that lets him know it's red, and he feels sluggish and achy.
3rd and 4th days - much more aching and discomfort everywhere. (Christmas Eve and Christmas day will be painful, but if I know Terry, he will not let that stop him from helping everyone have a good day.)

Look at this cuteness ...
Claire spent a few days with us.  Oh, so did her parents ;).
It has been so fun to see her happy disposition and have them here with us for a few days.  We seemed to have several places to go while they were here, but we so enjoyed having them ..., and look forward to next week when we can see them again.

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That is some cute, cuteness!