Saturday, March 1, 2008

Genealogy, I Am Doing It!

I, Elaine, have spent most of 3 1/2 days working on genealogy. It has been quite exciting, to say the least. Our Stake President has asked that the members of our stake find at least 15 names to do all the work for. This is a long process for those of us who have families that are members for many generations. It is even harder for those of us who have family members that have been working on this genealogy for a long time. It is difficult, but it will be done, and that means work, work, work, tired and sore muscles (including the eyes), and a mind that thinks it has written that name a dozen times already. (These repeated names and places really play games in my head.)

The Story books/History books that I've been working on are an exciting thing too, and we have one in the making that tells the history of Terry's ancestors. (with plans to make one for my ancestors after this one is complete). Those books and genealogy seem to be addicting activities that keep calling me back to work on them, and I have found some interesting and exciting information. Here is only a small peak into what I have learned:

We have Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses, Earls, Dukes, Counts and Countesses, etc. that never end - well it seems that way, but surely they do end somewhere. And these people come from all parts of the world.

I've been back to the year 0009.

One man, Edmond Fitzalan who died in 1326 was beheaded.

Another ancestor - Duncan I King of Scotland was killed by Macbeth in 1040.

Friedrich I "Barbarossa" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, born 1122 of Swaben, Bavaria died in 1190 In The Holy Land. Great place huh!

That name in parenthesis is a common sight with kings as they were given some title such as "The Great" (King Alfred), "The Peacable" (King Edgar), "The Magnificent" (King Edmund), "The Elder" (King Edward), and even "The Unready" (King Ethelred II), and "The Bald" (he was Baudouin II, Count of Flanders and also the same title for Charles II, Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire). All of these, and more are on our line.

Remember Old King Cole? Well, he is on our line - Coel (Coilus) "Old King Coel" King of Britain.

You've seen the movie Jungle Book - remember King Louis?
Well, we are related!
Okay not to the orangutan, but the human -
Kings Louis II, IV, VI, of France; and
King Louis I "The Pious" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire;
and surely more when it's all said and done.
Fun Huh?

And closer to the present is Thomas White McBride (who's daughter's name is still visible on our pedigree) died 30 October 1838. Does that date ring a bell? If I add where he was killed it should - Haun's Mill, Shoal Creek Township, Missouri. This really was exciting to me to think that he was there during the massacre, so Thomas got out our history books, and as he read through those pages he even found a bit of info that included this man's name.

There is so much to learn that I haven't even figured out who has their temple work done. I'll get on that right away. There is so much still to do, and I haven't even started on my line (Rodeback) yet.

I am learning a little more about how to do genealogy and how to find if the ordinances have been done, and I'm mostly feeling my heart drawn to my ancestors and I really love that feeling.
I just wanted to share a bit of that with you! Hope you enjoyed this little bit of info. (which really seems like a lot.)

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