Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things Are Happening!

It's a good day for a blogspot. We have some things going on all around us - things we can write about.
Anthony participated in his second Cub Scout pinewood derby race. He is shown here with his awesome yellow car and his drivers license he got that night.

Spring has sprung, and the work has begun. Thomas is happy to be working and earning some money. Terry is glad to have his help. Here they are in the field. They were stopped when I got there, so it couldn't be a close-up photo, but if you look really close (I did try to enlarge it a little) you will see Terry (kneeling) and Thomas (standing) out at the disk behind the tractor.

As for me - I'm still at the computer most of the day and I have a couple dozen names to get temple ready - Reason for celebration is if it works.

The rest of the family is busy too -
Michael and Chase are taking tennis, Connor is working in the weight room until track starts in a week or so, and BrittanyJo is doing Hot Shots (girls basketball).
Skyler says he will send photos, so when he does, we will get one up for all to see. Don't hold your breath, cause missionaries have too many other things to do - more important than sending their mom a photo. (Is that really true? Moms are important too, right? :)

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Adena and Greg said...

Everytime Greg sees a picture of farming I get a 10 monologue of how mush he loves farming in Washington and why it's so much better than farming in California. I guess you can take the man off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the man. ;)