Monday, April 20, 2009


Terry wrote a poem early this morning and I added it to our Easter post (a couple posts earlier). That means you won't know it's there if you only read the newest posts. So, I'm alerting you to let you check it out. It's awesome!


Kings said...

that is a wonderful poem! i love it!

Anita said...

Hello Hebdon's,
We are so thankful Jonathon had your Michael as a roommate! We really love him! Congratulations on the mission call! What a beautiful Easter poem and I must admit I was grateful for the talk posted from Stake Conference.
My nephew just received his call to the Spokane Washington mission! With families like yours, he is going to have an amazing experience. WE hope all is truly wonderful with your family and that you have a nice trip picking up Michael. Who knows maybe I'll get to meet you.
Love, Anita Stanley

The Bruces said...

that was a great poem... hes really good