Thursday, April 9, 2009

What happened?

I have plenty to blog about;

Internet issues of late / withdrawals
Monday after Terry's first chemo treatment of the week we tried to get online, but found we had a problem. The router was not working and we couldn't correct any problem. We noticed that we must have had a power outage sometime during the day because our clocks were blinking. The only thing we can think of is that it must have blown up our aged router. (A side note: I still needed to email Skyler before tomorrow so I called and asked Gregory to do that for me, and he willingly accepted the task. He's so smart - he knew exactly how to get into my account; and I use Outlook Express on my own computer thru our IP, not hotmail or other service readily available thru the internet. THANKS Gregory! I've so much to learn!)
We bought a new router Tuesday, after Terry's treatment, and that night I tried to install it, without success. Oh Bother!
So, Wednesday I called our internet provider and tried to correct the problem, again without success, and waited for someone to come out to help me. I was really wishing for immediate response, but reality did set in.
Today, Thursday, I woke with the realization that I still could not get online and had no appointment made with the IP and ... how could I go on like this?!!!! Then, just in time, we got a call from our IP and he tried some other options to help correct the problem. Today was the lucky day, we are up and running. (I have already read Skyler's email and I can blog again, Terry can check the weather and other farming reports, the kids can do home work and complete cub scout badge requirements - life goes on now :). How did we ever live without it?

Spring Break
It started with a sick child, continued with picking rocks and finding bombs (or whatever they are called) that I previously blogged about, mourned the loss of a loved one and attended his funeral (Charlie Bridges, our sister-in-law's father), traveled to Longview to see my parents and traveled home again.
Honestly, I have a list of things I would like to have done, like gardening, shopping, my hair, the whole family needs hair cuts, etc. There's always tomorrow, right! I needed a two week spring break!!!

Visiting family
Our trip to Longview was great. We knew we would miss a couple siblings and their families, but we didn't want to try to postpone the trip, because when we do that we never get there. So, we missed some, but enjoyed others. It was worth it! We visited and ate and watched general conference. We spent so much time with conference and making meals (and of course eating them) that we didn't have a lot of time to visit, so Saturday night Terry and I stayed up visiting with my parents until 2:00am; and we still felt like visiting, but knew that we would have a big day ahead with more conference and then driving home, and we needed to be awake for both of those.

My dad started a neat tradition of taking his sons and grandsons (his mail descendants who hold the priesthood and attend that meeting) out for icecream after the Saturday night Priesthood session, so our family (those who fit that category) were all able to go with my dad and my brother (Brian) for that special treat. So FUN! Anthony looks forward to being able to go with them in a year and a half. I didn't get enough photos during our visit (again!).

I always enjoy conference. I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing those two days. It is top priority. During those meetings the Spirit is strong, and my heart is warmed. I feel uplifted and edified and feel encouraged to do better and be a better me. I look forward to the Ensign/Conference edition so I can re-read all the messages and enjoy them again and again. I thought about re-capping some of the favorite messages, but they were all so good and I couldn't choose just one or two, so I'll skip the mile long list of wonderful and inspiring things I learned. I love this Gospel! Great blessings come to us as we strive to improve and to live the Gospel. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and for our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for their teachings and for the Spirit they send to comfort and direct us.

One year older

We celebrated Connor's birthday Saturday with the traditional cake and icecream, but with a new twist - we were at his Grandma and Grandpa Rodeback's home in Longview.

Terry's treatments started again this week and the mid-line went in almost perfectly this time! Treatments are going just fine!

All in the family!
Wednesday was filled with fun surprises -
1. We were driving thru the big city of Royal City and saw a PUD truck pull over to read a meter just ahead, and noticed that the driver of the truck was my brother, Thaoe. We honked and waved! No visit, but still fun. Thaoe lives in ML, so we should see him more often than we do. Side note: we think that the passenger was maybe Jeff Spencer. Could that be right?
2. I went into Maurice's after Terry's treatment, for a quick look, since BrittanyJo is in need of more clothes, and I saw my niece, Amber (Thaoe's daughter) and her daughter, Adyson. I didn't know they were in ML for a quick visit, but was pleasantly surprised. And, I got to give her a hug, and see her baby - Adyson is so adorable!!!
3. We decided to shop at Safeway because they had a sale on their ham, and yes, we want one for Easter. We checked out and began walking to the door, and we saw my nephew, Tristan (Thaoe's son). I got to give him a hug too! I hurried so that the people he was helping didn't have to wait for us to expound on our adventures of late. We didn't know he worked at Safeway, actually we thought he was going to be at college somewhere else. Obviously we must not visit enough with this family. We will repent!
4. We missed Crystal (Thaoe's daughter) and her family, cause they live in Spokane (last we heard) and they were not here to visit (that we are aware of), and we missed Estella (Thaoe's wife). She works at the PUD office and we thought about stopping in to say hi because we had seen three of the five of them that very day, but we had deadlines to keep and kids waiting on us, so we were pulled home. Next time maybe we'll see her.

Spring is here - Easter is coming

The wind has been blowing, so spring must be here. In this photo you'll see proof of the wind that's been blowing because of the tumble weeds that have accumulated. I know I should have cleaned it before the photo was taken, but I have to hurry and get ready for another chemo trip. The beauty in the photo is the daffodils in bloom, and I'm enjoying each one. There is so much beauty in the world around us!
Easter Greetings to all! Jesus is the reason for this season too!

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