Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hai Genki Des! = Be of Good Cheer!

We just found an email from Michael. I'd been watching for one, thinking that he would be able to email on his p-day, but unsure of what day of the week his p-day would be. Last night I was sure it had to be Wednesdays, because I had not yet seen an email from him. This morning I decided to empty my Deleted and Junk files, but of course I looked through them to see if there was anything in there that I needed to save, and TaDa!, there was a letter from Michael in my junk mail. Well, we can't have that, so I immediately put him on my safe senders list. It had come Tuesday, so that means that both of our missionaries will be emailing on Tuesdays for awhile. We did get one from Skyler yesterday as usual and were pleased to hear that he was doing well. He is still going strong and finding new insight and strengthening his own testimony as he shares with others. Missionary work is a special work. It blesses our own lives so much as we try to hard to bless an others life. The benefits are great and innumerable.
Michael sounds like he is soaking in all that he possibly can. He is generally a pretty happy guy anyway, but there was a definite tone of happiness in his email, and today is one week in the MTC. It felt good. When he got to orientation they told him to keep his smile on and never get down. Surely he will find some discouraging moments, but for now, he is UP and going strong, and is senior doryo/comp.

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